Well hello there, you beautiful person, you! Thank you for checking out my site, I trust you’ll enjoy it. It’s basically just a mixture of funny stories, funny pictures and funny videos – in short, it is everything the internet was designed for, on one site. If you are ever in need of a chuckle or a smile (which we all are!) then head on over to storytimewithjohn, and I’ll try my very best to amuse you with a ridiculous tale straight from that weird book we call everyday life!

Life Book GIF

If you enjoy my tales, feel free to share them with a friend or three! Hopefully I can turn a couple of frowns upside down, that’s the aim anyway!

Well, I’ve got to run! Very busy, people to see, places to go!

Okay fine, I’m ordering a pizza and having a duvet day by myself – but this is my version of busy!  What…WHAT?!

People Skills

Well…errrr…bye! Don’t be a stranger, catch me at  www.facebook.com/storytimewithjohn for regular updates! I’m not as bad as this guy I promise…

Peace and love people!

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994 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello, John, thanks for stopping by at my blog. Kinda embarrassed me when I saw you liked one of my shitty post. You have funny stuffs here, perhaps I will stop by again later to explore yours. :)

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Hey John I don’t know how else to contact you except this part of the website. Thanks for reading my article today. I posted some others. If you can browse through those as well. Thanks :D

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I laughed at myself for being scared of the first photo I saw scrolling down. And then at the fact that you liked a post where I made fun of ridiculously happy people on the internet when I read your first sentence – I guess happy people do have their charms (:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have thanked you for following my blog and I also enjoy yours, it is interesting and funny like you said. I would happy to see you again and to see more likes and comments from you its a nice feeling to have a blog like yours in my community chao till next time.


  5. Love your cheery posts!
    Thank you for dropping by my site with your warmth and for following, too.
    Do take care and stay safe on your travels, too :)


  6. The GIFs you used made me fall off my chair.


    I’m not a funny person (but I try my best, and believe me, my definition of ‘funny’ is not funny) but seeing you like a recent post of mine made me smile! Thanks for stopping by my blog, John! I would want to see more of your amazing posts :D


  7. Thanks, Xavier, no wait, John(!) {wink, wink} for frequenting my blog, I appreciate the high-fives in an otherwise quiet WP world. :) You had me at “I have people skills!….” I keep trying to tell my HS students that. Ha! Always up for a good laugh (or ten), I’ll drop in on ya’ and see what’s up. Happy Sunday…. robinlk


  8. I just had to scroll though a ridiculous amount of comments to say this so I hope you appreciate all my hard work. lol
    I clicked follow and will be checking in on this blog regularly. You got me with the bit about the pizza. :)


  9. Thanks for droping in. We have marked you down as following. alway happy to be happy with a happy chappie.
    We do some pretty intence work and a good laught help to releave the tension. :)


  10. Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I’m still getting used to internet etiquettes- or lack thereof as the case may be- so I didn’t even think of thanking you until I took a look at your comments! (I think I need to go back and say thank you to all the other people that were kind enough to check out my blog!)
    Anyway, thank you again, and have fun looking around my blog some more if you have the time! I’ve just started out this blog so I’m still trying to figure out where everything is.
    by the way, you’re blog looks like a like a lot of fun! Well, okay, it’s not my taste of humor, but I can appreciate it! Thanks


  11. Hello, John.
    Thank you for liking EB Quiz #1 on emergingboldly. I’d list all of the other posts you’ve liked, but that would take some space. I think you are one of my biggest fans and I really am honored by that.
    Blessings on you. Hannah


  12. Thanks for posting the first ‘like’ on this post which is especially meaningful to me – “Mom’s Recipe Box: Hamburg Dressing – the Crowning Glory of My Mother’s Holiday Recipes, Plus New England Pumpkin Pie & Cinnamon Sugar Treats”. – Jackie


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