Well hello there, you beautiful person, you! Thank you for checking out my site, I trust you’ll enjoy it. It’s basically just a mixture of funny stories, videos, pictures, and podcasts by yours truly – in short, it is everything the internet was (probably not) designed for, on one site! If you are ever in need of a chuckle or a smile (which we all are!) then head on over to storytimewithjohn, and I’ll try my very best to amuse you with a ridiculous tale straight from that weird book we call everyday life!

Life Book GIF

If you enjoy my tales, feel free to share them with a friend or three! Hopefully I can turn a couple of frowns upside down, that’s the aim anyway!

Well, I’ve got to run! Very busy, people to see, places to go!

Okay fine, I’m ordering a pizza and having a duvet day by myself – but this is my version of busy!  What…WHAT?!

People Skills

Well…errrr…bye! Don’t be a stranger, catch me at  www.facebook.com/storytimewithjohn for regular updates! I’m not as bad as this guy I promise…

Peace and love people!

1,090 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • John, last I heard, you were having to leave WordPress? Did I read that wrong. Then the other day, I was wondering how you are, and where you were holding your blog. I was so mad, that I considered leaving WordPress as well.
      Glad to see you here!

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      • So, what is their problem? Too many followers, or you follow too many? Sounds like a crock. They want people to participate with one another, and to have popular blogs, but what, you can have too many followers, or follow too many others?


      • Well I used to follow everyone back who followed me, I thought it was only polite after all – but they blocked that capability, and now I am lucky if I can follow a few back without it popping up with “Unable to follow this blog”…weird. But yeah, at least I am still here :-)

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  1. Hello John. Thanks for always visiting my blog. And liking even posts I think are totally ridiculous. You’re an awesome fellow! I love your pieces too. Try to Keep them posts coming. Season’s greetings.

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  2. John! I’m so glad to find you – storytelling is my favorite. Except I’m not funny, so you are the perfect compliment to my random storytelling. Happy New Year! Excited to keep up with you.

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  3. HI John, I notice that you check out chocolatecastles from time to time. I just wanted to say thanks, it is encouraging to see people like the postings…Happy New Year to you and thanks again for reading my blog. I follow yours and get to read some of yours when I’m not in the kitchen or “mall walking” ha…

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  4. Hi, John. First, thanks for all the visits to my blog. It’s always nice to see your smiling face popping up! Second, thanks for the follow! I’m happy to see it. Your writing is off the wall funny. Definitely a different generation than mine! But off the wall funny. Thanks for the laughs.


  5. Thanks for the follow. Very much appreciated! I love your story, ‘Vatican City’. Even more since I’m a use to be catholic. I’m gonna go read some more.


  6. Hello, my name is Gregory. I just wanted to wish you good luck with your work. :) It really is awesome! Don’t forget to check out my blog as well at “cascadialegends.wordpress.com” whenever you get the chance; I write stories from time to time, perhaps you could tell your friends about me as well, thanks again,

    -from Gregory

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  7. Hello John, this is Gregory Thomas, I have a blog called “Cascadialegends.wordpress.com”
    How have you been? Have you checked out my blog recently? I’ve been working on the “Cascadia Adventures” and I have put up a lot of posts since then. Perhaps whenever you find the spare time you can check out what I’v written. Stay cool!
    :) From your friend,

    Gregory Thomas


  8. Hi John! Thanks for checking out my blog so I could come here and find yours. I’m loving the cheery vibe of it. Followed! Looking forward to reading more posts.
    Have a great day!
    – Navya

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