Well hello there, you beautiful person, you! Thank you for checking out my site, I trust you’ll enjoy it. It’s basically just a mixture of funny stories, funny pictures and funny videos – in short, it is everything the internet was designed for, on one site. If you are ever in need of a chuckle or a smile (which we all are!) then head on over to storytimewithjohn, and I’ll try my very best to amuse you with a ridiculous tale straight from that weird book we call everyday life!

If you enjoy my tales, feel free to share them with a friend or three! Hopefully I can turn a couple of frowns upside down, that’s the aim anyway!

Well, I’ve got to run! Very busy, people to see, places to go!

Okay fine, I’m ordering a pizza and having a duvet day by myself – but this is my version of busy!  What…WHAT?!

People Skills

Well…errrr…bye! Don’t be a stranger, catch me at http://www.facebook.com/storytimewithjohn I’m not as bad as this guy I promise…

Peace and love people!


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601 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thanks for liking my latest post, John! If your “Bartholemew” side wants to ask any Catholic questions, please feel free to hit me up. :) God bless!


  2. Thank you for liking my page and for making quite a few people smile here including me ,
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

    We can all be beautiful
    Beautiful is great
    Beautiful is sweet
    Beautiful is love
    Beautiful is being thoughtful
    Beautiful is power
    Beautiful is honesty
    Beautiful is Kindness
    Beautiful is Intelligence
    Beautiful is talent
    Beautiful is romance
    Beautiful is the stars
    Beautiful is a disguise
    Beautiful is the rising sun
    Beautiful is delightful and truthful
    Beautiful is the daylight that shines
    Beautiful is not a mistake
    Beautiful is the ingredient we all need
    Beautiful is are dreams
    Beautiful is my friends
    Beautiful is my children

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  3. Hi, Thanks for the visit & glad you enjoyed my post. Hope you’re up at dawn (occasionally) to enjoy its beauty (and I’m sure you’d have a funny adventure to tell us). :)


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