15 Minutes(ish) of Blame

Comedy podcast featuring real life best mates and on-camera worst enemies John Lee Taggart and Jonny Coyne. Pub talk with a side order of passive aggressive fries.

Storytime with John

Travel Tales

This site began life as a way in which I could document the silly stories and weirdly wonderful adventures I got up to as I travelled the world – and those tales are still here for all to enjoy! I may be in one place right now but still travel often, so look out for episodes of Blame in which travelling gets a particular focus. I hope my OG readers enjoy the new video/audio format!

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Of course everything I do is free and for the love, but it costs money to just be alive and have a Kit Kat with a cuppa. So donations are whilst totally unnecessary, are warmly appreciated. PayPal link on the top header – thanks all!

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Sometimes it seems like blogs, podcasts, and everything in between just get put out and into a black hole…well you can brighten up that black hole (how poetic!) Join in by commenting some colour, it makes all the difference!

Love yourself

Look in the mirror, there are good things, and there are imperfections, but so what? Take a moment to recognise how cool you are, and keep on moving with your day. Peace and love people!


What People Say

“…your mics dont even work lmao this podcast is dogshit…”

Jay emm

“…wonderful job with those kids, so glad to have you back. I kept checking your site from time to time hoping you had written a new post and this time you did…”



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