1444638800729Well hello there my fellow human!

My name is John Lee Taggart and I’m a comedy writer from the North-East of England…I feel this means I have a fun outlook on life, but will eventually die from eating too many sausage rolls and drinking too much ale – ah well.

Anyway, I travel the world, and live life – encountering the weird, wonderful, and everything in between as I go. I have attempted to sum up the range of emotions you may feel reading the tales on this site and in my other works through this GIF…I imagine you are at least vaguely horrified and/or aroused by now? Great, job done.

Anyway, so yeah! That’s why this site is called Storytime with John; as it’s a place where I put out a whole host of stories which document the interaction of an absolute moron (that’s little old me!) as he attempts to navigate this world and all it has to offer. Comedy tales, travel stories, weird videos, musings on life, and all sorts of other stupidity – it’s a fun place to be…you’re sure to enjoy it my friend!

 Unless you’re a boring bastard, in which case: don’t bother – otherwise I hope you love what you see and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Peace and love! x

p.s. all business enquiries should email directly, and payment is preferred in gold bullions, goats, or…well just money I guess, is fine.

1,213 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey John, thanks for liking one of the articles of my blog! I’ve checked yours and after reading a few articles, I like it already! I love your writing style and sense of humour. You seem to be a really nice person.🙂 I can’t wait to read more!

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  2. hiya John…I feel welcomed-and at home as “Office Space” is one of my fave movies and i use that Jim Carrey gif on my site as well! keep posting..you are awesome:)/Indiago soul

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  3. heyy! i loved your pic ..that aeroplane and that army jacket looks cool! thanks for liking my blog ! hope to see u again on my site n looking forward to your blogs. nice meeting u John🙂

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  4. Hey man, your musings are awesome, your poetry, although I’ve seen you don’t consider yourself a poet, speaks to the hearts and souls of your fellow blogger buddies, and random passers by and is in fact, poetry. The realness of your posts gives others the ability to be real too.

    So thanks for being you, for musing, existing and stopping by my kaleidoscope. I’m a richer person having (virtually) met you.

    Kia Kaha

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  5. Hi John, Thank you so much stopping by my blog : ) Your blog is great and I really like your about page. Your writing style is very enjoyable. – Karen

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  6. Hi John! I am just taking some time to say a big thanks to all those kind people who have followed my blog since starting last November. I really appreciate that you took the time when I was just starting out to show an interest in me and this inspired me to persist with my writing and photography. Having a chance to engage with talented bloggers has helped me develop my own skills and I am very grateful. I hope you are still enjoying blogging and look forward to keeping connected. Very best wishes and thanks! TJ

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  7. Hey John, What the hell is wrong with you? Only 2500 Likes on your Welcome page! You slacker! How can you live with your lazy ass with only 1,174 comments!!!

    Ha ha!!!
    Thanks for the recent like to my funny story! Need to do some perusing as it’s been a long while since I paid you a visit. I love to laugh and haven’t been doing enough of it lately. : )

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      • You’re welcome! I, as you, always delight in making someone laugh. For me usually it’s unintentional. Ha ha! I’ve been writing some more funny pieces (tagged and posted as humor, humour) lately. Happy things are coming out that way. They have a mind of their own so I never know what will land on the proverbial page each day.
        Have a good one John!

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  8. Hello John! It’s been months since you followed my blog. Please accept my apologies for not thanking you sooner! It’s always good to have a readership, no matter how small it is. I’ll certainly be reading more of yours in the times to come!

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