Pokhara, Nepal


Jheeeeeez…some people are so judgmental!

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20 Replies to “Pokhara, Nepal”

    1. Hey there! It’s supposed to say sight seeing…but the way that it has been written is how a person would pronounce “shit” where I come from…it’s a tough one to explain, but it made me laugh anyway!


      1. Hi, I’ve noticed that some foreign words are so much like English at times. Anyhow, I’ll read more from your blog later.


  1. So you finally reached Nepal! Sheet seeing you commented above…ha ha. That was a good one. I didn´t get it at first, nor at the end, had to go through some comments to make sense of it. Always a nice laugh.


    1. I got there eventually man! So many flights and then an overnight in China! But I’m here! I didn’t think of the fact that people outside of Britain probably wouldn’t get it straight away haha, oops!


      1. You made us run in circles scratching our heads trying to figure out that photo. I actually stared at it for 5 minutes coming up with all kind of strange ideas, and then I saw the comment.

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