A Writer’s Life

A writer lives a solitary, and often lonely existence…often they have to juggle such  raw emotions, always taking on the heavy thoughts, and feelings that are expressed in their characters. This can be a heavy burden to hold on to…but there is no release. Instead a writer must push on…finding only short bursts of happiness in whichever way they can…


…okay but seriously I have to get some writing done! Enough with this McFoolery!

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11 Replies to “A Writer’s Life”

  1. I always tell people writing is like an addiction. When you write you are fully engrossed in it, so much so you don’t eat, use the bathroom, or listen to anyone around you trying to engage in normal conversation; you just keep writing. When you are not writing you are constantly thinking about writing, you wonder when the next chance to write will come, you get frustrated when it doesn’t come sooner and soon is never soon enough. Writing is a horrid drug of the brain that can compleatly over take your life and leave you in a daze long after you put the digital pen down … at least that is how it is for me lol.


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