Kids Go CRAZY.

So there was some weirdness today, as there is every day…actually it is so common place that I feel silly even reporting it to you – but nonetheless I will, as it got me thinking about something…

You see I was in the soft play bit of the kindergarten school, and had probably just fell down the slide, or been accidentally headbutted in the groin – when one of my students began to yell for my attention… “JOHNNN! LOOK. JOHNNNNNN! JOHNNNN! LOOK, LOOK, LOOOOOOK!” Well of course I span around, wondering what was so urgent that I couldn’t miss – you know,  what was it that meant I had to drop everything just to gaze upon it?

I wasn’t disappointed….there little Daniel was – flailing his arms in a frenetic motion, grinning from ear to ear, eyes half open – as if the joy of the moment was too much to fully witness. There was no rhythm, there was no steps, technique, or order…it was just whatever feels good, do. And oh my was he doing…

Peep Show GIF

I laughed, and he laughed…and the others laughed too, they didn’t join in – they just appreciated that he was having his own little kind of crazy moment, and he was having fun with it! And I thought it was amazing – adults are so restrained, and limited, and…well, let’s just say this – if I did the same thing it wouldn’t take long for the men in white coats to take me away, and sedate me for the rest of my life…how depressing. 

I love to just let loose – and just be yourself…your true self – not the pretend one you show people…it’s unfortunate that people find it quite weird, and unsettling when you just go with whatever is lurking in your head. Like on a date this Sunday I found myself laughing out loud quite literally – a thought I’d had crept into my head, and forced this reaction…then I had to explain myself to someone who really didn’t get what I was talking about – never mind find it funny…

“You see…well…the sections of that store – they have like…the BODY section, weirdly close to the HAIR section. So it looks like the BODY HAIR section, hahahaha…at a beauty store, haha…yeah, like…body hair – you know? Body…erm…hair…yeah…” 

Awkward Franco GIF

“There’s nothing funny about that. At all.”

And that was me put in my place. She was right of course, I suppose that should have just stayed in my head along with a bunch of other things I find myself saying, and doing – but it just gets so congested in there sometimes – it’s not surprising some hop out almost against my will!

I wish we lived in a world where we could just say, and do what we liked (as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else)…kids get an out. Where’s ours? And when did I trade it in – I don’t remember that at all…


27 Replies to “Kids Go CRAZY.”

  1. Yes, grown up me is rather envious of childrens ability to get away with so much and not feel embarrassed! At home I’m pretty care free and the loony bin would probably cart me of if they saw me, but in public I’m not sure it’s ok to throw out my ‘best’ dance moves or run through town screaming about the cracks being lava! We can’t be serious all the time though can we? 😛
    Also – Body hair! I would have laughed!

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  2. Sometimes when I’m the last one at work I Iike to run through the corridors and in my last workplace, which had a bit more space, I’d throw out the odd cartwheel too. Just because I could 🙂 Definitely something I feel the need to do on the sly though, which is a shame but I suppose if we all ran about the corridors there could be health and safety issues – says the grown up within *sigh

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  3. I totally get you, John. I know exactly what you mean with this special moment of realizing that life is simply aobut having fun and enjoying ourselves. Acutally I can imagine what amazed that kid about his body – I had the same experience when I was seven years old. Anyway, I totally get you and although I am 40+ I am more alive than ever before. Yey, I do crazy stuff – which embarrass my kids at times. I go for my dreams, I laugh loud when I feel like it, I crank the music in my car and sing to it… who gets hurt. Where is the value of life if we don’t enjoy it?

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  4. After having kids, I have loosened up more. It’s always better when you’re having fun! But then again I don’t want to embarrass my kids. Ha! 😄 I like that Body Hair joke. Very funny!


  5. I don’t even bother to use a filter-I’m just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth. I’m so childlike that I don’t even care. I refuse to conform to societies image of “adult”. I’m just living life with my kids with abandon! ❤

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  6. My sister-in-law and I had a game. We’d watch our kids and then imagine what it would look like if adults did it. We laughed our heads off! The joy of having kids is you can do some of that stuff “with them” and you are just a cool adult who “gets kids”. The tricky bit is doing it when there are no kids about. Case in point, how many childless couples do you see in kids movies. More common now than it was back in my day let me tell you!


  7. Ah, when you burst out laughing and someone asks you why… It’s never as funny to the people outside your head. I love this post: made me think about the weekend, when my friend told me about her new Neal’s Yard products, only she called them Neal’s Backyard, thinking that’s what they were really called, and I said…oh, forget it.

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