The Honesty of Children

After a small child walked up to me recently, and massaged my wrinkled brow while repeating “McDonald’s man” over, and over and over again (for the 100th time might I add), I suddenly recognised something that I have came to realise is rather important – and that is that little kids really don’t give one solitary shit.  

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Instead they parade around with a brazen brand of self-confidence – telling people they encounter whatever the hell they want…without much understanding or care for the consequences of these announcements. Whether you like what they have to say or not hinges on pure coincidence as; “you look like a fatty”, and “your hair is beautiful” both come from the same place…they are both just purely observational statements of fact.

They do things because they feel right in the moment. There is no hidden agenda or motive behind their words (as there is in the big bad scary adult world); where every sentence, word, and letter is broken down and considered in an effort to pick apart the speaker’s true meaning and intention. On the other hand as adults we lie on a daily basis, so much so that it’s actually out of control! Like telling your boss you like her flip flops and socks combination, despite the fact it makes her look as fashionable as a retired archeologist…or promising your significant other they are not getting fat – even though you just had to pay for an extra seat on a rollercoaster to accommodate his/her left buttock. Or even nodding and smiling at a stranger who just rudely barged past you…all the while holding back a loud and long; “FUUUUCKKKK YOUUUUUU MUDDDAAA-FERKA!”

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If only we could carry through this sort of honesty as we grow to double digits, and then continue to retain it  as we meekly wander into the abyss of the adult world and its enforced white lie policy. I mean sure, the world as we know it would surely crumble…but how liberating it would be to just speak your mind at all times rather than being given no alternative but to tell extra large porky pies such as this:

Mr. Knob: “Where is that report Sally?! I told you to have it finished by Tuesday, and it’s now Wednesday…it’s not on my desk, this is absolutely inexcusable!”

Sally: “Oh I sent it to you already, did you check your email? Perhaps it didn’t send properly…I’ll re-send as soon as I get home, as it’s on my home computer.”

Mr. Knob: “Hmm alright…next time make sure I receive it – that’s why a hard copy is always better. Get it to me by tomorrow morning.”


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How would it go if there were no lies though? My imagination tells me it may go something like this…

Mr. Knob: “Where is that report Sally?! I told you to have it finished by Tuesday, and it’s now Wednesday…it’s not on my desk, this is absolutely inexcusable!”

Sally: “There’s this new flavour of Doritos, they’re great – I’ve been spending a lot of time eating those and binge watching sitcoms from the 90s. It’s been a pretty fulfilling two months for me.”

Mr. Knob: “WHAT?! Well when can I expect the report?! Another two months?!”

Sally: “Yeah, sounds great! Now can you leave me alone please? I’m in the middle of an episode right now.”

Man…if only, if only – right? But unfortunately this kind of answer is frowned upon…I’m not sure why…it’s a damn shame though…

But that is our reality unfortunately, and at least for now we seem stuck with it. I guess if I was to be a little less bias it sort of helps in certain areas…it’s a social lubricant (urgh, gross) in situations and interactions that can be tricky. And all out kid’s style honesty is probably not going to make you a lot of friends – I was always taught that “honesty is the best policy!” but I see now that is somewhat of a fallacy…ah well.

Oh, and before I go – you’re the best looking, funniest, and most intelligent person on the face of the earth. I promise. Like, really.

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35 Replies to “The Honesty of Children”

  1. I know a fair few old people who behave like children and say exactly what they want and people just assume they are a bit senile so let them get away with it, but I am fairly sure they have the perfect combination of childlike innocence in being able to speak their minds but with enough wherewithal to appreciate that they are doing it. One of many things to look forward to about getting old 🙂

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    1. I agree 100%. I am now a septuagenarian and take great delight in saying exactly what I think and, as long as I am smiling sweetly all the while, nobody seems to take offence (or, at least, not in my hearing)

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  2. For two summers I worked at a day camp at my local YMCA with kindergarten and first grade girls. Quite a few times they’d ask how old I was and when I asked them to guess they’d usually reply with numbers upwards of 50. At the time I was 19. Sometimes I’d get asked if I was pregnant, mainly because I wore a very plain ring on my right hand and they thought I was married. It was very amusing!


  3. Actually there is a developmental curve. Around 45, it goes back and people start telling the truth. This time it’s even funnier because the have grasp of the ill motives, and wrong decisions the people around them made.


  4. How did you know I was so good looking?

    Anyway, on the subject of honest children:

    My ex had a son with Tourette’s syndrome (and therefore no social inhibitions when he was very young) and she was on holiday with him on the beach when they saw a whole family of midgets.
    He said (very loudly);
    “Look mum, a family of gnomes!”

    Terminal embarrassment ensues.

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  5. Lol. A very funny blog and sadly true. Children are so much freer in one they say and do but they lie just as freely as the rest of us when the moment is right. Their lies are just more obvious. Like ” Did you feed your broccoli to the dog?” And the kid says no even though you just saw them do it. I think it’s a good thing though we can’t just say whatever we want, like you pointed out the results would be devastating.


  6. I feel like, as adults, we need to find the middle ground between telling the point-blank truth and outright lying. I think that area is called “tact,” but it’s been so long since I’ve met someone who has it that I can’t really be sure….

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  7. If you live long enough, you get to be “honest” again, saying whatever comes to mind. It’s the only benefit of being really old, I can hardly wait. I’ve got a lifetime of being “nice” to make up for 🙂

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  8. Right you are. People with Alzheimer’s are also very honest–as the disease progresses, they lose a lot of vocabulary and become more blunt in their speech and childlike. My mom, for example, comes up with some doozies.


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