Plastic Surgery (강남 언니)

One thing that makes me a wee bit uncomfortable about South Korea is the whole plastic surgery thing – they are easily ahead with the highest per capita rate of cosmetic plastic surgery in the world. But it’s not really the fact that it is so popular that freaks me out…I mean live, and let live, right? I know I have parts of myself I wouldn’t mind changing (the McDonalds forehead wrinkles, and wonky rugby player looking nose to name two!) The problem I have is that there appears to be only one accepted “style” that people go for…and that because of this it’s simply recreated, again, and again, and again…so much so that the rather offensive stereotype of “every Asian looking the same” – quite literally becomes true when you walk around in Gangnam, Korea. (As bad as I know that sounds.)

In fact things are so uniform on that front that it  takes no imagination for me to envisage an experienced surgeon doing all of the alterations with his eyes closed…just leaning back in a chair, while his hunchbacked assistant throws people on his conveyor belt one after another…shifting the forehead, elongating the nose, widening the eyes, sharpening the jaw…

“That’ll be a gazillion dollars please and thank you – now go and be a star, off you pop!”

Plastic Sameness GIF

I don’t get why you would want to be uniform, and fit in…at least not so much you would alter your entire appearance to do so – these people are beautiful just as they are, so it absolutely baffles me!

That’s why I want to give the message that I  strongly encourage people to stand out, and be different – after all, YOU ARE ALREADY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU – so it’s simply easier that way! However if you must get surgery than I wish people would get something that differentiates you from your contemporary counterparts…an alteration that truly sets you apart.

Such as (and not limited to):

  • Shifting your eyes to where your cheeks are – so you can look at food more closely as it goes into your mouth. This will no doubt make the eating experience a lot more enjoyable.
  • Moving one ear to the back of your head – so that no one can ever speak behind your back, and if they do you can hear every word.
  • Getting a hand attached to your forehead so you can easily wipe away sweat, or keep your hair in check on a windy day.
  • Attaching extra skin to your chin, so you can use it as a fashionable scarf during casual occasions, or emergency rope when you are in dire need.
  • Putting an extra mouth on your thigh, so when people say “put your money where your mouth is!” you can insult them and make them look dumb. (Great party trick!)

So yeah, I feel these changes serve much more of a purpose, and at the very least no one can ever call you a sheep. So please take it as it is meant  – not as some smear campaign…more as a few words of wise advice.

Korean Gun GIF


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26 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery (강남 언니)

    1. Well yes, indeed. Actually I feel if people are deeply unhappy with certain features then it’s their choice…but so many, so that you can’t even tell them from before? Surely there is a psychological issue there. Anyway…it’s a serious issue, I was just poking fun of course 🙂 leave the true psychoanalysis to the trained experts!

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  1. Hilarious and great take on the crazy trend of cosmetic surgery. The craze is just not South Korea, but in nearly every Middle East country (whichever can afford it). I remember, seeing way too many taped noses and fixed pouty lips in Iran, to be even remotely funny.


  2. This so true John. The first time I watched a K-pop music video of Girls Generation I could not differentiate one person from the other After seriously getting into k-pop I learned that certain parents give the kids money for eyelid surgery as birthday presents. What even shocked me the most was,there was a certain criteria one had to fit in to become a k-pop star.But instead of making them beautiful it mad them look like robots of some kind.Its funny in a sad way.Thank God I was not the only one who found this shaving of jaw and fixing of nose appalling. Amazing post!

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    1. It’s so true, and living here I see it every day! Even on dates with girls they often reveal they have “just had their eyes and noses done”, worst thing is I can’t even notice sometimes in those cases. But I suppose I’m just blind to reality, or was until now! The birthday present thing is true by the way…they get it as high school graduation present. Bizarre really. And they’re so beautiful without it…I like differences/flaws in people’s appearance it’s what makes them wonderfully human. So it’s sad for me to see. (Despite the jokes!)

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  3. I remember when there was a fad over there to have overlapped k9 teeth. I just find it funny how they use it to look alike, and we (being the Western Hemisphere, mainly USA0 use to it to look young, and different.

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    1. Yeah! There is a fad now that you should have a layer of fat under your eye…so…well I don’t know why, but it just looks like a rather tired alien look to me. Bizarre. But aren’t different cultures interesting ey? haha

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      1. They are, and I suppose that all goes with their work ethic. To look like your super busy, and in need of sleep is maybe attractive to someone… probably suggesting they have money.

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  4. I was not aware of this “trend” in S.Korea. It may be only marginally related, but it called to my mind The Twilight Zone episode “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You” from 1964.


  5. Yeah, plastic surgery is definitely a big problem here in Korea. It seems like everyone wants to look the same and I honestly don’t see any point in that as there’s nothing attractive about that. Hope everyone will come to their senses one day.
    Nice post btw.


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