Hello there fellow human/alien otherperson!

My name is John Lee Taggart, and you are very welcome to my little corner of the internet: storytimewithjohn.com. It’s where I house my thoughts, my feelings, and if I’m honest…my completely mad ramblings. It’s better to write them on here, as when I tried shouting at strangers outdoors instead, they just kept crossing the road…and then the authorities turned up.

ANYWAY, as I go through this thing called life, I travel the world, and soak up a range of different experiences – encountering the weird, wonderful, and everything in between as I go. That’s why this site is called Storytime with John; as it’s a place where I put out a whole host of stories which document the interaction of an absolute moron (that’s little old me!) as he attempts to navigate this world and all it has to offer. Comedy tales, travel stories, and all sorts of other stupidity including more recently the 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame podcast – it’s a fun place to be…you’re sure to enjoy it my friend!

Unless you’re a boring bastard, in which case: don’t bother – otherwise I hope you love what you see and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Peace and love! x

p.s. all business enquiries should email directly, and payment is preferred in gold bullions, goats, or…well just money I guess, is fine.

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