Cannibalistic Kid…

“John…I really, really, want to eat your life.” – Quiet six year old kindergarten child.   What does she mean by that? I don’t think we’ll ever know…or at least, I hope I never find out! Like this story? Then why not like the Facebook page? YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE!

Please Wolverine…don’t stamp on my head.

“Don’t stamp on my head.” That’s probably something you’d expect people to automatically know not to do, it’s a given, it’s dangerous – and will probably leave you dead or with some kind of disability – so consequently it is not a thing most of us, as civilized human beings, get in the habit ofContinue reading “Please Wolverine…don’t stamp on my head.”

Poo is funny.

I think you have to be a certain type of person to be a teacher…you have to be supportive, empathetic, motivated AND motivational – actually I’m sure the list of adjectives could go on forever, but I won’t bore you with that. All I’ll say is that when it comes to teaching kindergarten, there isContinue reading “Poo is funny.”

Kindergarten Cutie vs. Teen Psycho.

Seriously…what happens in those years between kindergarten and middle school? The top picture is a lovely note I was given from one of my younger students, the bottom one is yet another crazed piece of work from a young teen I teach in the afternoon. Bizarre! Like this story? Then why not like the FacebookContinue reading “Kindergarten Cutie vs. Teen Psycho.”

Scrotum Stares

Hungary – Budapest ~ 2005 If you ever venture to Eastern Europe, then be prepared for one thing – the stares. They’re wonderful places, and they’re filled with just as wonderful people (I’m sure), but it seems, that wherever you go, the total sum of its inhabitants can’t help but stare you down with aContinue reading “Scrotum Stares”

The Truth about Dog Cafés…

Unbelievably I have already been in South Korea for eleven months, and I have only just experienced their fabled “dog cafés” this weekend! The reason for the wait you wonder? A mixture of inadvertent racism and unintentional ignorance I’m afraid! You see…when I was in China, a couple of years ago, I found that theContinue reading “The Truth about Dog Cafés…”