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  • Are you a magazine looking for a feature writer?
  • Are you a TV talent scout seeking out a new star?
  • Are you a wealthy old widow searching for a person to leave millions to in an ill-thought out will?
  • Are you a human being with fingers, and a haircut?

If you answered yes to any of those, and want to get in touch with a business inquiry, or for a little chat – then you can email me at – I will do my best to get back to you…unless of course my email decides that your message isΒ “Junk”, then you may never hear from me at all…sorry.

Anyway, either way keep reading…and maybe we’ll speak soon,

Love John

of Storytime with John

p.s. if you just want to know a little more about me, it’s worth checking out this post – about-me, as well as this oneΒ –Β question-time-with-john! They’re a weird diversion through my psyche…so apologies in advance for that.

193 Replies to “Contact”

    1. Always great to read up on other expat’s points of view – and yours is especially interesting! I hope it works out for you guys, you’re taking a big step and it will no doubt be full of fun!

      By the way, your layout and all that…wonderfully clear, maybe I need to change mine, but I am not savvy like that, urghhh!

      Just clicked that follow button, so hope to hear more from you! I will be on the look out!!!! πŸ˜€

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      1. Your comment on layout is hilarious; I spend every day envying everyone else’s theme and wondering how much of a pain in the ass it would be to change; I waited over 2 months to start while I searched the theme showcase. In each case I love one part and hate another; And I am the least savvy blogger on the net. I’m too lazy to self-host because I hate coding,plug-ins and anything else that distracts from writing good content. Cheers !!

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      2. haha, noooo! Seriously?!?! I thought it had a clean look to it – but then again, I am the exact same, I can’t be doing all that self-host business, wouldn’t know where to start, and if I did well…probably couldn’t be bothered! Glad I am not alone!!!

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  1. Thanks again for your expressed “like” on my blag 0022. By the way, I’m not actually beautiful, I’m more rough round the edges; girls like that, they can use people like me to file their toenails, and to be honest, sometimes their nature!


      1. Well to be honest I think you might be right – when I was on the game I never did make enough to get me bus-fare home at nights – and it was one long haul from the lamp-post I used to stand under to my actual home base!


  2. You are wonderfully, hilarious! My stomach and heart reached out to you after reading “GTL.” My tennis shoes are wasted on me because I love cheezburgers.


  3. Thanks for liking some of my posts! I hope I get a chance to catch some of yours soon! Not awake enough to give your posts time and energy at the moment… Your site looks AWESOME and I look forward to nabbing some of your delicious writing ASAP… All my best!


  4. ‘Sup John?
    I wanted to thank you for visiting my page and for finding interest in one of the posts. While scanning (and reading) a few selections on your page, I find the verbiage, well . . . in a class all its own. Thanks again.



  5. I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. Your site is really entertaining and funny and deserves recognition as such. (I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you’ve been nominated for this before.) There’s a logo you can put on your blog and a suggestion to do a post about it, if you like. I believe this is just something bloggers do to recognise blogs they like. Please let me know if you accept so I can get things over to you.


  6. Hi John. Wasn’t sure where to leave this comment, so this seemed like a good place! “Moves Like Jagger” just started playing at the food court in my university and I literally laughed out loud because I thought of one of the videos you posted on here πŸ™‚ Within seconds of the song starting, the video started playing in my head and I saw you dancing around with your students. Made me smile. Hope your day is going well

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  7. Hello! I have no idea how I wasn’t following you already! Thanks for the love on my blog, John. πŸ™‚ I appreciate it. I can’t wait to read more of your work. See you around, friend!


  8. Dear John, why are you so amazing and beautiful and talented and sweet? I really need to know.You have an incredible talent and I hope you never stop enjoying writing. I am in love with what you write. I always end up reading your articles over and over again and i am loving it. I am learning the true meaning of life like though the negative sides of life you’ve got a positive and fun side too. Thanks for making me laugh so muchxx. God Bless You. Goodbye !


  9. Hey John, just loved being your first guest. You could have done it in my voice. I look and sound like Paula Deen (not intentional. I am from the Deep South and have silver hair). It probably sounded something like, “He was a total asshole(ayusshole). ” Then I turned to my husband and said “Let me get you some more (mower) pecan (pee-can) pie(rhymes with sigh.” Drag it out and flatten it a little on the end) When my son married a girl from Arizona her daddy(not father) was afraid she’d come home eating grits and drinking sweet tea. Thanks a lot. Linda Bethea (rhymes with relay, but I’m happy as long as it’s not pounced Bertha.”


  10. Hi John, many thanks for liking my page. I am just a human being and I had my haircut yesterday :). I shall be browsing your blog with a smile on my face, that much is certain.


  11. Hey John, thanks for the follow! Appreciate it. πŸ™‚ Really like your website, articles and your hilarious posts. Keep it up! Looking forward to your future posts πŸ˜€


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