Huski racing in Finland!

An amazing experience!

26 thoughts on “Huski racing in Finland!

    • They were so keen to ride, it was crazy to see! They hadn’t rode for two days so as a I stepped up they were trying to rip the sledge from the ground (it was pegged down)…such fun though, and the dogs are well natured for the most part!


  1. I knew this was Finland before I even saw the caption. This is my homeland. It’s something about the snow and the “Don’t even THINK about making small talk with me” vibe that the dog on the left is exuding.


  2. Okay. I’ll be honest. I’m really trying not to be envious of your incredible experience. This awesome photo you shared is helping me cope. Thanks.

    And thanks also for liking my post! Your site is great…keep writing…and dog-sledding. Grrr.


  3. Thanks for the like 🙂
    I was trying to reblog this pic but it looks like WordPress won’t allow. It’s a great photo of dogs!


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