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100 thoughts on “Photos

  1. My man John, is there some place in the planet youΒ΄ve never been too?
    By the way those Japanese kidΒ΄s or Chinese…(what are they? always get them mixed up.) scared the s…t out of me, all dressed in strange things and with a sword in hand! Bunch of little nuts, not going to visit that place. Now I donΒ΄t even know if I should go and see the video section.

    You seem like youΒ΄ve had a ball and still do, thatΒ΄s good.

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  2. Really neat pictures. Hope to be able to travel outside the US someday. Even though I’m terrified of planes and boats.


    • Thanks Gracie! I hope you get to travel outside the US too, although from my point of view there is SO MUCH in the US to see!

      But I’ll let you in on a little secret…shhh…I hate flying myself! Don’t tell anyone!


      • We’ve been traveling a little more in area of the country a bit more now that the kids are older.

        Haha! Not a word:)


  3. Hey there, John –
    First time looking at your images and as they say, ‘a pic is worth a thousand words,’ or in this case, stories.
    I can’t help but imagine my 13-year-old son older, and of course, I pray he’ll be smiling like you πŸ˜‰
    AnnMarie πŸ™‚


  4. Wow so many amazing places!! Have you been to South America yet? I’m heading next year and would love to hear some cray tales to prepare myself if you’ve got any! πŸ˜€


    • Hey there! What a coincidence! I was just looking at a map yesterday and making plans for visiting South America next year! Hmm maybe I’ll see you there!

      I have two friends who are touring around there now, so much raw natural beauty in that part of the world! With that said I’m waiting to hear their crazy stories upon their return!


  5. No way! Let me know if you’re looking for travel buddies (I’m on the search now, first time outside of Europe so on the lookout for other adventurers)
    Be sure to post some of their stories if they let you πŸ˜€ So so excited to see Chile most of all!


  6. your many world travels forces me to be jealous. how uncaring of you. really, is jealousy anyway to start a blog affair? call me.


  7. Hey, John! Thanks for checking out my blog. I have been traveling since I was a kid! You have been to a lot more places than I have! That’s awesome. Once you get bit by the travel bug, you can’t stop. I hope to go to Ireland and Portugal next year.


  8. Have you been to India.On one side i have ocd and other side god is introducing to me great bloggers.I can’t quite complain right?


  9. But why you liked that single haiku though?you know something about ocd right?Actually i don’t have severe problems to be angry with god just enough to manage an ocd haiku though πŸ˜€


  10. So what you do?A teacher?Heard anything on kerala?your place?Laughing and make others laugh is a gift have it.God bless πŸ™‚


  11. G’day John πŸ™‚ loving the pics of your many adventures around this beautiful world of ours…don’t people you meet along the way make it brilliant?! Look forward to seeing where you go from here. πŸ™‚


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