Episode 50: North-South Divide | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast

The boys are away celebrating their 50th episode by drinking in a public park someplace, so in comes Uncle Scotty and Jacob Linton MP to take the reins. Hatred and disgust on both sides ensues, but can they find middle ground and get along? Spoiler…nope, not at all. 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame is your bi-weeklyContinue reading “Episode 50: North-South Divide | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast”

Fun Zone (North Korea)

North Korea ~ DMZ – 2014 It was horrendously cold on the winter day that I decided to visit the DMZ (demilitarized zone) of Korea – so cold that as I woke up (at 4pm or something crazy like that!) I very nearly thought fuck this I’m rolling back over, waking up after 12, andContinue reading “Fun Zone (North Korea)”

Scotland says NO, NO, NO.

I have had a week to mull on Scotland’s referendum vote…here are my thoughts and views on the whole thing – YES, YES – THIS POST IS ABOUT POLITICS, SORRY! BUT IT’S IMPORTANT PEOPLE! (I won’t be offended if you skip this one though – but this is just my two pence on an issue that isContinue reading “Scotland says NO, NO, NO.”