Harmony, Peace…and other dreams.

I would love to live in a perfect world.

For me it would be all marshmallow houses, chocolate rivers, and a whole lot of laughter. Basically the plot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Minus the singing mind you, because I couldn’t really deal with that – but the overall positive vibe, and focus on confectionery make it a paradise I wish we could someday live in.

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Alright, I must admit I’m not sure what that world would actually look like…as it has never been that way…woolly mammoths chewing our legs, God induced floods wrecking everything, and a whole lot of man-made monstrosities doing a lot more damage, have made humankind skeptical about whether a perfect world can ever become a reality, that maybe we are destined to live in an unfair shit-hole where some thrive, and some struggle to even survive.

This appears to be a terrifying reality, so we try and ignore it…we used to look up at the stars, and curse the Gods for inflicting such pain upon us, ask them what we had done to wrong them so – rather than facing the fact that it was just humans being fucked up once again…we would beg them to allow us to “win” bloody wars, implore them to improve our social standing, or whatever other greed fueled desires we wished for…basically we would think of the problem as external to us, rather than being anything to do with our own behaviour.

…but now it’s becoming shockingly clear that the disease is among us – the foul disease of intolerance, corruption, and hate. 

So yes, the harsh truth is we don’t live in a perfect world – not even close. But the light at the end of the tunnel is this; as all of this ignorant bullshit was created by man, so it can also (I hope) be undone by man; piece by piece, little by little…by something that is foreign to a lot of people, and that is – being fucking nice to people. Phew, easy as that! You’re welcome world!

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Oh…you think there’s more to it? Ooops…is there?

Yeah John , fucking hell – it’s not as simple as that! You’re oversimplifying everything – put on your thinking hat! What if they come from a different place, what if they’re a different race? What if they’re gay, what if they’re straight? What if they’re God-fearing, disbelieving, or a heathen? What if then? Huh? Huh? Huh?

 Now it’s true that there are differences among people – and for some reason we use these things to divide. Is it human nature? I hope not. We should celebrate these glorious divergences, not allow them to box us in, or border us off – they should enrich us, we should share them with one another, as a way to bring us together!

The recent video of Eric Garner in particular made me cry in despair (LITERALLY) – as it brought to light in a raw, and obvious form that there are still major divisions between us, based on factors that shouldn’t fucking matter. Fear, and the threat of violence are no way for us to live in the 21st century…in the developed world…if you don’t see that, then…urghhhh…

But despair gets us nowhere, unfriending those people on Facebook who spout hatred won’t do a thing – real change happens when we mold ignorant minds, and show them the way. Otherwise the ignorant will remain the way they are.

I wrote this with those people in mind, I do hope you share it with those who need it the most. We may never have a perfect world…but it’ll be a start…

With special thanks to www.edwinaepisodes.com for being one of the nice ones. 


44 Replies to “Harmony, Peace…and other dreams.”

  1. “…as all of this ignorant bullshit was created by man, so it can also (I hope) be undone by man…” This is a profound insight! I all would live like that, nobody would sit around, complaining and waiting until others change the world for them. We are the change!
    In my eyes one of your best posts ever, John!

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  2. Start with the children … hopefully, each new generation would be more tolerant, giving, compassionate …. All right, it might take a while, but you gotta start somewhere.

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      1. Woody Allen used to say how he believes every 100 years or so the planet “flushes” like a toilet and a totally new kind of people emerges.

        Sometimes I think the universe has more control than we do, honestly. Nice post, John.


  3. A hard-hitting post, which I fully endorse. I’d like to think that most people who read it would feel the same. But as you say, this isn’t a perfect world and inequality is very real.


  4. I’m getting cynical in my old age but I find that the folks that are most likely to have the them against me/us attitude are also the most desperate to cling to their beliefs and therefore the least likely to CHANGE! There is a certain amount of emotional and intellectual maturity or evolution that is present in folks who can say “you are different, I don’t understand you but I’m okay with who you are, let’s share the world”.

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  5. Bravo. And it does start with the children. Sadly, we have been saying that for generations, and yet, the bias still exists. Children internalize what they see growing up. They can choose as adults to emulate, or rebel against it, breaking the pattern of ignorance. But, it is still a choice. We all have a lot of work to do. Great post.


  6. Yes, now that we know we are the problem, not some external God spirit, there is a chance that we can change things. I don’t think you can change the haters, you have to catch them before they learn to hate, so as many other people have mentioned, I guess it starts with the kids. As to paradise, not that I’m against peace and harmony, who is? but don’t you think a perfect world would get a little boring?


  7. Great points. I fear too often the focus seems to be on everyone trying to be the same wat in order to solve problems; whereas celebrating diversity and letting that enrich us seems a whole lot more wonderful. I’d love to see that.


  8. This reminds me of a quote I read recently, although I’m at work right now and can’t find it exactly or who said it. But the main statement was that hatred isn’t a person’s natural state, it is learned, and because it is learned it can be unlearned, easier than it was learned even, because hearts are more inclined toward love than hate.


  9. Reblogged this on Mind Chatter and commented:
    John suggested I share this with all those, you know who you are, who need this. So there…read this…smile at others…and let’s create some Peace on Earth in our own feckin’ plot.
    Luv ya all!


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