I ate a dog in China, and it has haunted me ever since…I mean you really don’t forget that kinda’ thing! Arghhhhhhhhh! 

Oh, and by the way – while I am here…the WordPress suspension has been lifted, they sent me this message “You may have seen our earlier notice that some social features had been disabled in your account. We have now reversed this block and hope the disruption to your use of our service was minimal.” Thank you so much to each, and every person who expressed concern over the misunderstanding. It was great to see the community come together in that way, and I am beyond appreciative. Honestly, thank you so much. 


58 Replies to “I ATE A DOG.”

  1. My cousin was teaching English in South Korea just over a year ago, and went out to a restaurant, and was really enjoying the meal so she asked what it was, and she thought the guy said “dog”, and she got really upset about it, until she realized he’d actually said “duck”… so she felt better about that afterwards

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  2. Oh, YUCK! I am quite a carnivore, but I don’t think I could eat dog, horse or rabbit. Having said that, there was a palaver over here last year when some of the Supermarkets had been selling meat products which contained horse. I bet I have eaten a horseburger and not even realised!


  3. I have traveled overseas and have had dog before. I think that if you can get beyond the 100% mental preconceived notions that most Westerners have about it, then you realize it is just another meat. Like many meats, it tastes like whatever the dish is spiced with.

    On another note, glad WordPress has finally seen the light! People 1 – “The Man” 0


    1. True, I mean what are the differences really other than the fact we have assigned some the designation of pets. Of course just like everyone else that is embedded in my mind too! So I have the same notions!

      And yeah man, fight the power! haha! 🙂

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  4. Getting back to my friend in the navy, this guy would eat and try everything. The only reason why he didn’t eat dog was because he had owned one when he was a kid. Otherwise I’m sure he would have at least tried it. His mother was the same way. One night they invited me over for a chicken dinner. When they unveiled the chicken, it still had it’s feet attached. I was very young at the time and freaked out. The legs were my favorite part, or used to be. Still can’t get the vision out of my head and it’s been decades. UGH!!


      1. I don’t know. Even though I think of myself as a tough cowboy in Colorado, I have a weak stomach about meat that is not beef. That’s where I draw the line.


  5. I admire you for your confession! I can hardly imagine how you felt after that experience… But on a different note: I am so happy you are definitely back! You made history on Wordlpress!


  6. I hope you don’t sleep with your dog. I’d be afraid to close my eyes if I were you. No Dog, Horse, or Rabbit, nor primate of any kind. I have had fish as pets, and I do eat them. I may have to blog about this.


  7. IF I ever eat dog meat then I don’t EVER NEVER want to be told. My conscious would never let me sleep! Also, I am so VERY glad WordPress decided to lift your burden and let you to continue to play here! I like this playground!


  8. The waiter asked if you wanted to SEE the pup while it was still alive?!! Kinda like picking your lobster out of the tank before they drop the poor thing in a pot of boiling water.

    I’ve always been told all meat tastes like chicken. Is that just an Amaerican thing? I don’t know. So did the dog taste like chcken? You’re far more adventerous than me. I could never eat a doggie. Yikes.


    1. Wasn’t even the waiter, it was my Chinese friend!!! He thought he could go in the kitchen, come out with one on the leash just before dinnertime…arghhhh..the madness of it all!

      People do tend to say everything tastes like chicken, not so sure myself!

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  9. Thats confusing. Why would they make any changes to your account? Im glad the situation was promptly rectified. Id cry an ocean of tears if your blog diapeared💦

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  10. You’re a sick Bastard! LOL Yeah, see the problem is when you get hungry next time, all alone, watching a marathon of CSI, and then the dog comes in the room. You will never be the same. I covered my dog’s ears so he didn’t have to hear this horrid story, although I am sure he would willingly put his ‘sisters’, the terrible two cats, up for Cat a’ la orange in an instant.


  11. You should know that my dog is giving you a dirty look. Okay…you got it out of me! She’s giving me a dirty look because she’s dressed in a heart-shaped sweater. Still…I think she knows about you eating her 3d cousin twice removed!


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