Food Giant (Top 5)

Travel broadens your mind – that seems to be the consensus among most people…well yeah sure, I guess – but one of the best things about travel, no joke; is the new food you get to sample and consequently fall in love with!

This is my top five list…I honestly could have did a top fifty…yes, I am that greedy…anyway, here it goes:

5. 热干面  (China)

Whilst in Wuhan, China – I found that the area’s traditional dish  热干面 (rè gān miàn) was just sensational…it isn’t going to sound like anything too special – but the simple collaboration of flavours just worked so well! Think boiled spaghetti, peanut butter (well, sesame sauce), and chopped carrot…sounds disgusting? It was AMAZING! And at 30p (50¢?) a pop, there’s only one winner! ME, AND MY DAILY HABIT!

4. Escargot (France)

As a child the thought of eating snails…was…well…unthinkable – after all they look like little alien creatures from the planet Zoozlax! Butttt, in reality escargot are beyond delicious! It could be argued that anything would taste wonderful if it was smothered in enough garlic butter…but still…wow – oh yeah, and then get some freshly baked bread; dip it in there…wow x2.

3. Bernerwurst (Austria)

Austria disappointed me a little, sure they had spectacular cakes – and equally good coffee (100 automatic points to Gryffindor!) but other than that I didn’t find anything too special…that was until I had a couple of hours spare at the airport…that’s when I met my soulmate; the Bernerwurst. This beautiful thing, oh my goodness – so it’s a sausage, stuffed with cheese, and then wrapped in bacon. It’s enough to give you a heart attack just thinking about it…but you would die happy, VERY happy.

2. Haggis (Scotland)

One of my all-time favourites is Haggis – I bet I can make your mouth water with this one… so think of the liver, lungs, and heart of a sheep – all chopped up, mixed with other stuff, and then shoved back into a sheep’s stomach before being boiled, and served. Delightful. It may sound like the menu of a post-apocalyptic world, but it is actually gorgeous…you can get it at my local chippy back home. It’s just amazing. I can’t even find the words…

1. 샤브 샤브 (South Korea)

샤브 샤브 (shabu-shabu) is actually a Korean twist of a Japanese dish…and it is my number one favourite thing to do on a Sunday…you know, when you have a full day free to GORGE yourself. It also introduces a little bit of Vietnamese style cooking, so it is a huge beautiful mix of different flavours! You have the pot in the middle, that you may put noodles, rice, veggies – whatever! And then around the side there is a hot plate that you cook up pork, and beef strips…

I returned to my old neighborhood recently, with the sole intention of going back to the 샤브 샤브  restaurant I loved so much…it had closed down (probably because they temporarily lost their best customer) – I cried…I broke down…and I haven’t been the same since.

Notebook Fries GIF

Anyway, so recounting all of these ridiculously delicious dishes, just made me very, very, HUNGRY. I am off to eat myself to an early grave…I guess the diet is off, I shouldn’t have started this…

What are some of your favourite dishes? (This has to be one of my most loved things to discuss!)

60 Replies to “Food Giant (Top 5)”

  1. I just read another post about sushi, and now this! Good thing there’s a roasted chicken in my fridge. Favorite foods? I recently posted about this but one of my faves is a sausage kolache. If there’s a German or Polish bakery nearby, do yourself a favor snatch one (or two) up. Man, I wish I had a kolache right now :).


  2. I would have to say that my all-time favorite dish is stuffed cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes and green beans. I also do like sushi a bit too much. I would eat the Wasabi straight, but it really needs a vehicle to be socially acceptable, therefore I eat sushi. (I don’t really advertise that too much,…being in a union and all.) I also really think that three eggs and hash browns covered in chili at the Waffle House is pretty exceptional. (It’s an acquired taste…) Good post, John.


  3. I am such a picky eater. I must admit, I do eat with my eyes. If it isn’t appealing to me, right off hand I assume I’m going to hate it. I’m sure I miss out on a lot of great food, but damn these eyes. They pretty much control what I eat. Haha. Don’t say it, I know!! Blindfold. Na-ah. That doesn’t work because if I can’t see it, I definitely won’t eat it!! Guess I’ll just never know.

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    1. I’m a picky-eater too. If it looks funny, smells weird, or has a weird texture I refuse to eat it. Although, there was potluck, a Viking potluck for a class in University (so cool!), the professor made this thing called “Green Soup” which is basically any green vegetable boiled together and then puréed. It looked like vomit! But it smelled amazing! I literally had to stare at the ceiling while I ate this “Green Soup” but it was worh it. So, I guess once in a while I’ll try something new….but I try not to get too crazy!

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      1. I remember my grandma made liver and onions. On the surface, it looked like a steak. I tore into that piece of “steak” and I swear, my eyes bulged out of my head, my nostrils started flare out, my tongue was literally trying to push this nasty chunk of junk out of my mouth, my throat refused to swallow it and I started gagging so badly that I couldnt catch my breath. I thought I was going to die. Everybody at the table was laughing so hard. I was just glad I was there for their amusement. Haha. It was the nastiest thing I think I ever ate. Never again. I’m sure thats nothing compared to all that’s out there but that sure truamatized me. 😧

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      2. I used to be quite picky, well kind of – I just had things I didn’t like and that was that – it was forced down my throat most of the time by my over-zealous Mother…lime jelly, mushy bananas, scrambled egg…but weirdly now I am fine with most things! Phew, it’s been a journey 😉


  4. I wanted to try haggis when I was in Scotland but never did, trying new food is one of my favourite parts of travel too, my fave is pupusas in El Salvador. I tried to make them myself at home, but no good!


  5. Growing up in a family where mum was quite adamant that I had to eat everything on the plate, has actually made me quite adventurous with food. Although what I grew up with was fairly traditional, her attitude stopped me from becoming a “fussy eater”. I don’t have children myself, and so I don’t know how difficult it can be to get children to eat, I roll my eyes when I hear about children telling their parents what they will and won’t eat. It’s happening with younger members of my family where they’ll tell their parents they don’t eat vegetables. “Yes you do”, I’d imagine myself saying if I had children. Try stuff, you’ll never know what you’ll miss out on!!


    1. Really James, it’s quite the same with me – I do often think that certain foods that I DETESTED way back when, I now see in a different light now…and it is just like, well wasted time! That I could have been chowing down! Can’t speak sense to kids sometimes I guess!


  6. You asked the right person to tell you about favorite foods, that’s like all I can think about these days!! Lately, I’ve been craving pad thai from this little spot back home. This place does not look promising but it has the best, spiciest, most amazing pad thai I’ve ever had in my life! I always order a thai tea to go along with it, it’s sweet and milky and helps to quench the spiciness! And this place is an hour away from where I live so when I start craving it, I get really depressed… sad. 😦


    1. Oh no…man…that may be the saddest story ever told 😦 there should be a support group for situations such as these. Would they deliver? Like under the special circumstance of being pregnant they may show leniency 😉


      1. I should seriously look into that…YOU’RE BRILLIANT! I really need to play the prego card more, I’m not being too strategic with it, haha! Hope you’re doing well and eating lots of good food 🙂

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  7. i had some escargot last night. very tasty. another dish had lambs tongue in it. lovely. along with a simple ratatouille. always nice. it all got started with cream of tomato soup en croute.
    it’s been thanksgiving every day for a while here.


  8. Fresh peaches the size of a baby’s head from Georgia. Spoilt me for life. Proper pepperoni pizza in Chicago. My Mom’s roast chicken. My husband’s spatchcock chicken on the braai (BBQ).


  9. I eat like a 5 year old and still pick peas out of vegetable soup. I love to read your stuff, but this one ruined breakfast for me. I forgive you though, and I’ll be back to read the next. 🙂


  10. OOO, favourite foods according to destination! Brilliant! And I have to agree, many of my favourite foods are from a certain place or evoke a certain memory, because I’ve had the same dish in a different place and it’s just not the same.
    5. A tuna, cheese and Japanese mayo crepe from Michel’s Crepes at the Fremantle Markets, Western Australia.
    4. Cappuccino and vanilla choc chip double cone from Gelare’s cafe in Subiaco, also WA. A stinking hot summer day.
    3. Okasan’s sukiyaki, cooked in the same pot and dipped into raw egg, everyone sitting around with their feet cosy under the kotatsu in winter. Kobe, Japan, 1996.
    2. Takoyaki from a mobile vendor on the way to the train station after teaching English to 6 year olds, Osaka, Japan.
    1. My mum’s spaghetti bolognaise, Ballarat, Victoria… always.

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  11. Poutine belongs on this list. It’s cheese curds and gravy served on french fries and it’s a delicacy in Montreal. It’s more of an acquired taste but for me it’s absolutely delicious. My visit to Montreal is never complete without it.

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  12. I had the best Mexican burrito of my life at a Chinese restaurant just off the highway in Barstow, CA. It made no sense. Why would a Chinese restaurant serve burritos? But that burrito was so damn good, I would be willing to drive the eight hours to Vegas again just to try to find that restaurant and have another one. Living in southern California, I am spoiled on fresh seafood and sushi. My husband keeps trying to get me to eat Eel, but I just can’t do it. Blech!!!


    1. WOwwwwww Mexican burrito from a Chinese restaurant? But still, sounds good! 😀 I have had an awful experience with eel, they cook it live and it wriggles around on the plate in front of you…that’s a story for another day…but err…tastes good, so…does that mean I side with your husband, haha, not sure!

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  13. Some good eats…mine would be: Scones and a real pint in a pub in Exeter (not necessarily found in same place). Jerk chicken at a roadside stand in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Flying fish sandwich at a beach side stand in Barbados. Amazing lamb chops at a beach side restaurant in St. Martin. And some awesome seafood in Key West, Florida.


    1. Ohhhhh wowwww! All of that sounds amazing, I was of course trying to put weird and wonderful stuff – but in doing so neglected things like my Mother’s cheese scones, and real ale from my hometown pub! Lamb chops…arghhh…I know I started this, but now I have to eat! Great picks! 😀


  14. i am open minded about pretty much everything (to the shame of my mother in some cases – “Teri, you’re going to wear THOSE shoes?”) except food. i get squeamish. and i just still love my southern italian mamma’s pasta dishes and breead/freid broccoli. (although sesame noodles well done is kinda the bomb, i’ll admit that!)

    fun blog! keep truckin’!


  15. Pad Thai, but only from Thailand’s street food stalls, usually with a straight faced little old lady in charge of the cooking… the chopped peanuts and have been known to go a bit OTT with them when I am left unsupervised to sprinkle (smother) them on myself! 🙂


      1. Lol I’d go for Thai food rocks. I haven’t tried Hungarian food yet so I wouldn’t know. I fell in love with Thai food and even more so when I tried them in Thailand. You definitely have to go there soon. 🙂


  16. A simple street vendor chicken souvlaki while in Greece- I probably ate fourty in the month I stayed there. The marriage of the grilled chicken, french fries, tzaziki, and mustard in a fresh, warm, fluffy pita is so simple and spectacular.

    Gallo pinto in Costa Rica- beans and rice, served with every meal, but the addition of salsa Lizano makes it the most incredible umami. My favorite way to have it is with a fried egg in the morning, with my coffee and a glass of orange juice, absolutely perfect.


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