Storytime with John is free…and my stories, ramblings, and musings are here for everyone to enjoy! But sadly life isn’t free, and until I make it big, commit a huge bank robbery, or a long lost oil tycoon uncle croaks and leaves me billions I have to struggle on like the rest of us.

Bankruptcy GIF

So if you’re feeling extra nice, or are low on good deeds to pull out of the bag at heaven’s gate (if that happens to be the real deal) then it would be lovely if you could donate something, anything. Perhaps for the next coffee as I type away about the most recent awkwardly humorous encounter…or perhaps a larger amount for a new mansion, and yacht? No…maybe…oh…

Well anything is appreciated…so if you wish press that yellow button just below!

If not then we’re still friends, and I hope you love everything you read and watch – I put my all into this and couldn’t do it without all of your support!

As always – THANK YOU, and much love!

Your friendly neighbourhood John x

One Reply to “Donations”

  1. Hi John! If I could help out, I would, but I’m in the same boat!
    Have you had good experiences with having this Paypal page at all? I’m just curious if it’s worth having!
    Thanks so much!


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