Chat with Frenchy

Hello there, my friends! Something a little different for you today…you see, the other day a friend of mine, Frenchy*, kindly made me this banner for the site’s Facebook page! Look at it! Nice, eh? * Frenchy is the creator of The Standard, which is a music competition for which I am a recurring judge.Continue reading “Chat with Frenchy”

Unholy Climb (Vatican City)

Vatican City ~ St. Peter’s Basilica – 2014 You would have to be a complete and utter moron to not anticipate a long line when it comes to visiting the Vatican City…what? …WHAT?! No, that wasn’t an inference towards me being an ignorant moron – how rude of you to assume!¬†SHEESH!¬†But now you say it…IContinue reading “Unholy Climb (Vatican City)”