Episode 41: Murder – No Mystery | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast

he boys spend the entire episode deciding the ways in which they would kill one another, and get away with it, should the opportunity ever arise. Dark ep…ish. 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame is your bi-weekly dose of funny, featuring two real-life best mates and on-camera worst enemies, John Lee Taggart and Jonny Coyne. Subscribe andContinue reading “Episode 41: Murder – No Mystery | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast”

Unwanted Room Mate

It’s a well recorded, and commonly recited sentiment – but you truly never know what sort of day a stranger on the street is having…of course our imagination fills in the huge gaping blanks, but that doesn’t mean we should trust these assessments – more often than not they are way off… Like you mayContinue reading “Unwanted Room Mate”