Unwanted Room Mate

It’s a well recorded, and commonly recited sentiment – but you truly never know what sort of day a stranger on the street is having…of course our imagination fills in the huge gaping blanks, but that doesn’t mean we should trust these assessments – more often than not they are way off…

Like you may look at a berserk man storming down the street, and immediately come to the conclusion that he is a thug looking for old lady’s purses to steal, or children’s sandcastles to kick over. But who knows? He could very well be that, but it is also within the realms of possibility that he is just a regular Joe…and that he is simply having the worst day of his life. Perhaps his dog may have to be put down, perhaps there is a close relative who is terminally ill, or perhaps his girlfriend made him binge watch every single episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians the night before. We can never know for sure…

Crazy People GIF

Or you may be pushed out of the way by a severe looking lady – who resembles Miss Trunchbull in every way (except sadly there’s no chocolate cake)…and yes, your automatic thought will be that she is rude and you ought to say something passive aggressive to her. But what if she too is having an awful day, or a series of awful days? She could be about to be evicted, or she may be on the verge of losing her job…or maybe she is being bullied by some weird snooty kid with magical powers. Again, you just never know..

So it’s nice, to be nice – as my Momma used to say. Just in case any of these things are true…or just in case this one-dimensional cartoonesque image we have of odd looking strangers is not exactly on the money! To throw myself in as an example – if you were to see me out in public last week you’d instinctively have thought something along the lines of “who is that attractive, young whipper-snapper?!” no…sorry, getting ahead of myself. You’d actually have wondered: “who is that strange man, and why is he so red and sweaty?!” Well friends, what you couldn’t have known is that I was enduring a horrendous trial that week…which will go down in history as “The Battle of the Grasshopper Room-Mate.”

Scared Draco GIF

You see on one unsuspecting Monday I was met with a grasshopper in my bathroom – he was perched on the windowsill and had gotten in through the small crack I allow for ventilation. I wrongly assumed it would just be a brief visit – that perhaps he would just be someone to chat with while I have my pee, and then he’d be on his way. However the next time I was in there he was all laid out on the floor, making himself comfortable….time, and time again he was just sat there, changing positions every now and again. Not saying a great deal, but making his presence felt…making toilet time a little bit more uncomfortable than usual – with those buggy staring accusing eyes of his.“I’M JUST TRYING TO WIPE SIR, LEAVE ME ALONE!”

So now you’re probably thinking, “well just get rid of the fella, evict him! Call the police even!” which is all well and good, except I am not a proper man who can do the whole cup and piece of paper trick – also I teach kindergarten and I’m trying to make a concerted effort not to nurture future serial killers so I impose a ‘let’s not kill living things’ policy…I try to practice what I preach, rather than being a hypocrite so here I am…

Bright Angel GIF


Anyway, he was there. For days. So eventually I left my bathroom door wide open hoping he would just hop on out at some point so I could poop in peace… that perhaps he’d go under the bed – or any place else where he couldn’t be seen, or heard. We could cohabit. We could make this situation work, somehow…perhaps we’d have a day where we’d watch movies together and eat junk food – but otherwise we’d keep ourselves to ourselves for the sake of our own respective sanities. 

I’ll keep you posted on that. But this ongoing drama has undoubtedly taken a toll on me; so who knows what blustered and worrisome appearance I had on my stupid stressed out face on those days I was battling with my unwanted room mate…I was probably a bit more short with people, a little less good humoured. But I was going through something…and so are other people, probably.

Stressed Parks GIF

So let’s remember that, or at least try to – yeah?

Oh, and another thing before I go – does anyone have a spare room going? I’m asking for a friend…he’s clean and quiet – I’ll pay his first month’s rent. Shoot me an email if you do, would be greatly appreciated…



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24 Replies to “Unwanted Room Mate”

  1. John. Get a grip. I thought you were going to tell about the asp you found in the bathtub, when it was too late to do anything about it. You’ve named her Cleo, I presume?

    Or perhaps like the time I was heading back up my spiral staircase in Jerusalem, having come down for a midnight snack, when I ran head-on into the hugest, blackest tarantula I have ever seen. It radiated malice. I waged war upon it, which I might have described already somewhere in my own blog. But, John…a grasshopper? Surely you could have invited one of your kindergarten chums to simply pick it up and toss it back out the window. Five year olds LOVE that sort of thing. Grasshoppers spit on you, you know, to make you go “ick!” And drop them. But no five year old will fall for that ruse. Heck, if I weren’t so far away I’d come over and throw it outside for you. Friends don’t let friends have nervous poops. Good heavens, lad, you could end up with a case of constipation! No percentage in that.


  2. I have a similar story about a hornet, except it was in the doorway to my home… And building a nest… I honestly thought it was just too stupid to fly out on its own.


      1. Fortunately, it was just the one hornet. I knocked the poor dear’s small hive down (she built it up for about a 3-4 days prior) before she could move in proper. Haven’t seen her since.

        Hopefully, she found a better neighbor than me. Can’t imagine she would actually enjoy living in a place that swung open so often. 🙂


  3. Witty, can’t you just slap on wall where it is sitting .It usually moves somewhere else. In my culture it is believed that if a grasshopper visits your place there is a chance that you might get some money. Lets test your luck 😉

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  4. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    Every year, a green tree frog decides to live in my bathroom. The one that inhabited it this year liked to sit on the sink and stare at me as I brushed my teeth. One year I felt a sticky foot on my thigh while doing my business, finding it hard not to leap off the commode in mid-pee. I lifted the lid and there, staring at me, was a green tree frog. He kept staring until I flushed, then he became fascinated by the water tornado.

    Wonder what it is about bathrooms that fascinates tiny creatures like grasshoppers and frogs? 🙂


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