Scrotum Stares

Hungary – Budapest ~ 2005

If you ever venture to Eastern Europe, then be prepared for one thing – the stares. They’re wonderful places, and they’re filled with just as wonderful people (I’m sure), but it seems, that wherever you go, the total sum of its inhabitants can’t help but stare you down with a look that says “I’m seriously going to murder you and harvest your organs”. But you know…different cultures, one love, live and let live. All that jazz.

Ermmm. Moving swiftly on!

Anyway, I’ve visited the city of Budapest, in Hungary, a couple of times – and apart from the vicious murderous stares that I’ve just mentioned, I find it to be a beautiful and culturally rich place, what with the elaborate architecture and historic monuments, I would probably recommend it to any would-be tourist! That is, if it wasn’t for the scrotums. You see no trip to Budapest is complete without a visit to the Turkish bath spas…

“You just have to try them! (People will tell you!) You’ll feel so relaxed and it will just melt away your stress!”

Disagree GIF

Well you know what people? Call me a prude if you like, but there is something about a large group of naked 80 year men staring at me while I shower that makes me uncomfortable…maybe it’s the fact that they’re licking their lips? Maybe it’s the fact that their testicles are hanging down to their knees? Who knows…but hey, it didn’t do much for relieving my stress…even when they massaged my shoulders without me giving consent. I didn’t mean to seem ungrateful or anything,  but the whispering in my ear was a bit much.

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22 Replies to “Scrotum Stares”

  1. So the idea is that a bunch of naked dudes sit around in one large sunken bath (pool sized) right? Hmm… no offence but not for me. I don’t consider myself a prude or anything, but there is a difference between catching a glimpse in the changing room or sauna and reclining for a soak in teste soup *shudders* 🙂

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    1. hahaha! You know I had a friend make a similar joke and when I corrected him he suddenly wasn’t so keen!!! You’re welcome Joan, I’m teaching English in Korea at the moment, traveling when I can! Next stop Nepal, exciting times!


  2. I love the titles of your posts- very funny! And I can also attest to the odd stares of the Hungarians, especially at the Turkish baths. Thanks for liking our blog post and leading me to your page!
    -Chelsea of ChasingChassie

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  3. Haha. They were just being friendly is all. Lol.

    In my gym, the old guys have no gripes placing their feet on the benches, as they lotion their fully nude bodies.

    This is the sight I walk into, as I enter the locker room. The first thought I have is, “Dude!” I guess when you are older, you just want to let it all hang out


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