Kindergarten Cutie vs. Teen Psycho.

Kindergarten Cutie vs. Middle School Psychopath.

Seriously…what happens in those years between kindergarten and middle school? The top picture is a lovely note I was given from one of my younger students, the bottom one is yet another crazed piece of work from a young teen I teach in the afternoon. Bizarre!

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19 Replies to “Kindergarten Cutie vs. Teen Psycho.”

  1. HOLY CRAP! At first I was going along thinking it was cute that they had tried to use words like fastidious, then… WHAM he is killing his teacher – that escalated quickly! – Also on a side note: you might want to keep your doors locked haha. I thought “bad quality friends” was such a nice polite way of basically saying John joined a gang, then there is the discrimination against the bearded. After that there is something about an ice blanket and fire which you wouldn’t normally think would go well together and I got so lost… pretty sure that kids brain imploded writing that story.
    Maybe you should get him to use a pink pen from now on (or whatever your favourite colour is), maybe it will be soothing… if nothing else it will make the crazy a nice colour and that is something right hahaha.

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    1. haha, children’s imaginations are unrivaled when it comes to the weird and wonderful! I notice there is often an obsession with dying/killing/suicide haha, it’s bizarre…I guess you just grow out of it eventually? I drink peppermint tea to soothe myself, not strong enough though!


      1. I remember reading a book about imaginary friends which noticed that a superficially alarming number of imaginary friends that end up dying, by their own hands or by misadventure. I suppose it’s something kids play with as a strange and exotic thing that their parents get all tense about.


      2. haha there certainly seems to be a theme in lots of their writing…I get told constantly that I’m going to die today etc etc…obviously just meant as a joke (I fucking hope!!!) Strange though right?


  2. I have 2 grown boys, now. Though they never wrote anything quite like that in school, at home they could be monsters. You never know what they will do! That is very funny! Thanks for liking my post ‘a lesson in patience’. I’ll be back for more!


  3. This cracked me up! BTW, the transition from cutie to psycho is abrupt. I think it happens at 10 1/2. Except for my daughter. That transition to psycho was at birth, I believe.


    1. haha you know what I agree! I teach up to middle school at the moment ~ and have taught university level too…such a grey area of psychosis between those two times! At least your daughter is interesting, haha ~ all the best ones are a little crazy…that’s what I keep telling myself!


  4. Small children only show their psychotic side when they don’t get what they want, whereas teenagers simply do away with the pretence at normalcy. Well, that’s my theory πŸ™‚


  5. Now, I wouldn’t entirely throw away the theory that your students could possibly be trolling. I know about 2 years ago in highschool I used to write a lot of controversial essays such as “How to destroy a woman’s self esteem” solely to piss off the failing educational instructors. It’s highly possible your student is secretly a psychological genius and just likes screwing with your head. You should definitely be paranoid at this point because they’re probably all working in tandem to remove you from your position.


    1. haha he may be some kind of evil genius, if I can somehow aid him in his future world rule I’ll be happy for it ~ problem is he does this shit and I laugh, so probably not the desired effect.


  6. Wow!! The minds of children, eh??? Well the top one really is lovely. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on summer reading. Always great to connect with fellow educators. Happy Summer.


  7. That was an interesting read. Lol. What was your initial reaction reading the second one?

    I remember writing lyrics to a Hip-Hop song in elementary school. Lol. I was sent to the principal’s office. Lol.


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