Taxi Stand Off

I don’t cope well with heat…searing heat that is…maybe it’s because I am from the North East of England…maybe it’s because I have a heart of ice…but whatever the reason, I can’t stand hot weather. It completely confounds me that anyone can put up with (let alone enjoy), standing under a giant ball of fire for a sustained length of time. I mean, it sounds just totally mental to me – the theory is you’re supposed to just lie back and marvel as your skin transforms itself into more radiant hues, like some kind of diseased chameleon…slapping on lotions and potions to help with the ordeal, which you could actually just avoid altogether by staying indoors and streaming a movie on your laptop, whilst eating ice cream that won’t turn to liquid instantly…

I’m a certified Grade A burner…so I am probably just very, very jealous of all you tanners out there.

Anyway, Nepal is a place where this sphere of flames appears to be approximately three times as pissed off as it is anywhere else. It is completely and unfathomably, unbearable. I felt like screaming “I’M MEELLLLTINGGGGGG!” every second of every day, even indoors (I know, I KNOW! WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THAT?!), where the WIFI was often unreliable – so therefore using my own solid gold advice was well and truly out of the window. Dammmit.

So invariably you venture outdoors, but the sheer abrasiveness of the heat leads you to becoming slightly insane, and making ridiculous impulse decisions when out wandering – “IT’S THIS WAY!!! NO…THIS….YES, I AM SURE IT’S THIS WAY, COME ON, COME ON, ARGH – WHERE AM I?! I HAVE LITERALLY NO IDEA – AH, I THINK IT’S THIS WAY…COME ON, COME ON, I’M SURE I SAW A – ARGHHH!” you twist and turn, wriggle and writhe, pulling yourself through the unfamiliar maze like streets – that all tend to look identical, but just appear to have different names…often very similar names actually, probably just to make the whole process even more confusing for you.

To make matters worse, the suncream I had lathered all over myself had met with the heavy amount of sweat that was now leaking from my body – making for a hot, sticky nightmare. I rubbed my brow, cursing the sky as it beamed down with an unforgiving intensity – that’s when I felt the first sting of suncream run into my eye sockets – “YOWWWW! ARGHHH – FACK, SHI! IT’S IN MY EYES!”

Eventually it comes down to this; you will either pull your eyes out and use them as makeshift ear muffs (two birds one stone!), jump on the next motorcyclist who honks his horn and tear him limb from limb, or you will get a taxi and be transported to your destination with relative ease. Naturally your mental state is somewhat altered by the intense heat, so this decision takes a little longer than it normally would…but you opt for the taxi ride eventually…well this time anyway.

Taxi Driver

Once inside, despite the dirty interior, you start to relax a bit – you know take in the sights “…ahhh, look! A man coughing his guts up as he stirs a huge pot of curry! Oh, wow! Look! That woman is being sick directly into the gutter! Jesus Christ – are we nearly there yet?” You have no idea…but you do know you will get there eventually, so that is a vague comfort, and the slight breeze the movement of the car produces is somewhat refreshing on your reddened face. It certainly beats your situation five minutes ago. That was a version of hell.

After ten minutes or so the car stops. “HERE IS THIS!” announces the driver…it doesn’t look like the pamphlet you have in your hand…you are quite certain that it can’t be…wait, what? So the taxi driver has not taken you to the palace that you had pointed to on the map, but instead decided you would enjoy the museum of aviation a whole lot better…fucking hell, and to add to this absolute MESS, the sun cream I had applied previously was still stinging the shit out of me, forcing me to squint uncontrollably, in between vigorous rubs, to try and alleviate the pain.

Arghhhh, just pay the man regardless, and get into another taxi as soon as possible.

“How much is it?”

A creepy underhand smirk forms in the corners of his mouth –


He rubs his hands together as if he is the Nepalese version of Fagan…this is completely normal unfortunately, you should just take it for granted that people will try to rip you off at every turn. You are the clueless tourist, and they attempt to bank on that fact whenever possible.

“500? Naaaah-no, no, no -”

“Okay, okay – 400.”

“No way! I paid 200 for a journey that was twice as long yesterday!”

He stared back at me blankly, I was suddenly aware that I was massively pissed off, not sure where that had came from – as although this guy was ten a penny, he had just became a manifestation of all that was crooked and wrong with certain parts of Nepalese culture towards visiting foreigners…the sun was still unrelenting, the heat horrendous, and the cream began to sting my eyes until they were reddened and crazed beyond all comprehension.

“Okay, okay – 300.”


More blank stares. I tried my best to reel in the Mr. Hyde side of my personality that seemed to have burst off the leash without my consent.

“Right, listen there’s 200, thanks very mu-”


As I placed the money into his hand he immediately pulled me back – attempting to stop me from leaving…despite the fact that I was overpaying him for taking me to the wrong location…madness.


I stared back at him – completely and utterly enraged.

“Naaah…nerr…NO. LOOK – (taking one of the 100 notes back) – do you want 100, or 200? Your choice…”

This was fucking MAD. What the fuck was I even doing? I don’t do this, this isn’t me – I don’t really stand up to people in this way…even if I am definitely being wronged…I usually just do the very English thing and apologize profusely and complain about it later to a close friend…perhaps he would realize that and beat me to death in the street for attempting to fool him…I had to stay strong, remain in this Mr. Hyde character no matter what.


“Okay…your choice…100 it is.”

I began to walk away with a faux manly confidence – he immediately stopped me again.


He stared at me, clearly weighing his chances, testing my mettle…I stared back straight into his, trying in vain to look as close to Wolverine as humanely possible; but my eyelids were still red with irritation, and out of nowhere tears started to flood down my cheeks despite my best efforts to squint them away…not very errrr Wolverine-ish…I stood my ground regardless….who would give up first? That’s really all this would come down to…usually it would be me, but not this fucking time.

He grabbed the money and drove away. It was a minor victory, but it felt HUGE.

The joke was on me though…I then had to walk all the way back to the hotel (fearful of more taxi driver stand offs) in the searing heat. Absolutely gross.

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84 Replies to “Taxi Stand Off”

  1. Two of the many things I don’t like some of the Asian countries. The ridiculous heat that comes with humidity and bargaining. They set the price way high and it is your job to get it to come down.


    1. Oh man, right? I actually enjoyed the bargaining thing in China at times, it was funny and all well natured. But then in other places I feel it is with malice and they’re intentionally trying to rip you off! Urgh! Annoying in the heat!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree, as to why people hang out all day in the murderous sun I HAVE NO IDEA. I would’ve lost my mind on that taxi driver though it seems like the heat really made you stand strong, even if it was fueled by rage.


  2. But you lived to tell thetale! Taxi drivers have so much power don’ they? Scarey 😦 Bad experiences in Melbourne (psycho-driver) and Sydney (thieving-driver, but Corfu (furious psycho and thieving taxi driver) takes the cake; still gives me the creeps thinking about it 28 years later.


      1. I love your blog man, it’s awesome. I just started myself. I really don’t have any direction of where I’m taking it. Right now I just write whatever comes mind at the time. And your stuff is a real inspiration. Consider me a devout follower.


      2. I’m pleased man, that makes me very happy ~ so cheers for saying so! About your blog…just find your personality, by which I mean your own voice! Let that come through in your writing! Oh! And try to have a main theme, I feel that works best!

        Good luck!


  3. Wow, I’d say you were quite the gentleman! I wonder when Brits complain about the rain in London. I’d rather have your rain than my atrocious, tropical heat and humidity here in India. It’s just too hot to even whine when you feel like you could faint any moment due to dehydration. Your taxi tale is a sad but common aspect too my friend, and its not limited to tourists either. Taxi drivers would rather laze around all day than charge someone the metered fare. And they RARELY ever know the way as they aren’t usually natives either(they may come from other parts of the country). I almost feel like crying and bowing when I encounter a fair driver who also happens to know the way. My advice to you if you come here is, take the bus. Or the auto-rickshaw. Or the trains. Or the tram!


    1. Oh my! You know I initially was supposed to visit India rather than Nepal ~ but due to visa complications it didn’t happen! I feel like I would have been even more freaked out mind! Monsoon season arghhh…I am happy to be back to the reliable cold rain of England!


      1. You’re welcome. You should visit in the future though. Avoid the April to July period if you can, as that is when the discomfort index(a calculation that was, I suppose, invented for the Indian heat) is at its highest. Winter is absolutely lovely, probably close to spring in where you live. I also have sunscreen recommendations so that it won’t melt or get in your eye!


  4. Actually proud. Haha, I would not have done that, I’d have paid the 500 then cried for a while, then probably think of all the things I should have said and done, get myself riled up, and then feel determined to go find him and give him a piece of my mind!… but, yano, obviously while trying to find him I’d get nervous again, then just decide to go home and call it a day…. Man, they should teach lessons about this in school. Your stories make me both afraid and excited to go travelling…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AJ I’m the exact same, something about the heat must have been playing tricks with me or something! Lessons would have been helpful…at least a training manual…I’m off to go look for one so this doesn’t happen again! haha!


      1. You had a surge of power! I love it when that happens, but then afterwards I start shaking and I get all emotional like ‘did I seriously just do that?’. Maybe there is a book out there somewhere… I mean there’s a book for everything nowadays!
        P.s…. this might sound silly, but, you know it’s me right? hahahaha I changed my username….


      2. You can’t change your name, you’re too big now people would get angry. I can get away with it cause no one reads my blog hahaha. You my friend have a reputation to uphold!

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  5. I liked this post, not because of the miserable sunscream (LMFOA!) in your eyes or the asshole cabbie, but because I have been there and done that (just not while visiting the 7th level of Hades) and it totally sucks.

    And, you tell a wicked-good story!!!


  6. Good post.
    I hate taxis. You always have to negotiate.
    And if the taxi driver does not like the price,
    Then he’s usually like…I think I’ll take this guy the wrong way.
    I think I can last longer than…the melting sunscreen on his face.


  7. Traveling is such fun…and being taken advantage of by the locals seems to be something that happens everywhere. I always love the telling, even more so a story that all travelers can relate to.


  8. At least you don’t have to worry about bursting into tears. Though perhaps it would have scared the man. My constitution also does not agree with heat. I hope the taxi driver is not out scouring the streets looking for you. Maybe you should consider a disguise?


    1. haha I’m happy in that case! But anyway, no ~ I think you are the norm, well between my friends anyway…they love the heat, the hot sun! How about you take all of mine for me? I am honestly happy on a cloudy cool day haha!


  9. Thanks for dropping by my small corner of the WordPress world. You have a talent for story telling. 🙂

    Oh, and I’m with you; I avoid the sun as much as possible. Give me spring or autumn any day! 😉


  10. Oh my!Hilarious post but obviously, not when you’re melting LOL! I tend to be as polite as I can too remembering that the cost is only a few dollars but when I arrived at my Delhi hotel at 02:00, which I had pre-paid, and the receptionist had “lost” my booking, I refused to stand down and insisted on the room that I had paid for!
    I got it!


  11. do Brits really apologize to the offender? That is such a Canadian thing to do! I guess that is where we get it from.
    I also loathe the heat and I equally loath the bitter cold. In my portion of Canada, we have 3 temperatures. 6 months of freakishly cold. 2 months of blistering heat. And 4 months of nice fit for human consumption weather…spring and fall. I do my living in spring and fall. The rest of the year I am a cave dweller.


  12. As always, a funny and amusing story! Sorry you suffered that day. Sunscreen in the eyes is the worst! I like you dislike the heat, and burn easily, so I feel your pain.
    I must be insane though, I moved from Michigan to Hawaii two weeks ago. I have been melting ever since I got off the plane. Night is bit better, as it cools down and I don’t need to constantly find shade or sunscreen.


  13. thanks for liking my post on Japan. /ego boost. i was pretty sure i was going to be knifed by a NY cabbie once after not tipping, yelling at him and slamming the door really hard in the middle of a cold wintry night. your story nicely captures that moment the placid traveler decides to fight for their right to decent cab fares/food and/or prices, basically when we’ve had enough of being ripped off etc.


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