Back to the future…

I have just been looking through old photos on my phone, having a little clear out of memes and stupid pictures I seem to accrue for some reason – when I stumbled across this…


Let me explain. It’s a screenshot of a message that I got from a kindergarten student of mine after he graduated and moved to a different school for first grade. His name is Aden, he was from my first class in Korea: Jupiter Class. To say I love those kids is a ginormous understatement – I almost put loved, but that would imply their impression is no longer felt – which it truly is, they were my best friends, and I cared for them as if they were my own children – I think that is what makes me feel like I am not a teacher at heart, I get too emotionally invested.

(Here’s a pic of us in our prime – from left to right – Katrina, Jackie, Aden, Anant, Zeno, Victoria, Sunny, JJ, Danny)

Aden Pic 3

When it came to them leaving me surprisingly there were not any tears, in fact I was probably the closest – the reason being that I had told them that it wasn’t a big deal, we would see each other again – perhaps sometime soon, perhaps in twenty years – but I made it clear that this wasn’t the end of our story together. We began to talk in hypotheticals, dreaming of the future that could be…“well I am going to have a dougnut shop, so we can all meet up there!” Zeno announced boldly – sounded good to me – and he went on to promise unlimited free doughnuts to every single one of us! Perfect! Katrina burst in asking if it was alright for her to bring her husband along…after some deliberation we agreed we’d allow it. “We can spend the day at my museum!” said Danny, “it’s going to be a shark museum…and glass museum…and poop museum…all together in one!” Well, this was shaping up to be quite a jam-packed little reunion, I’m sure you’d agree, I was already excited!

We spent the rest of our final class laughing and joking, as per usual – it was the perfect end to a perfect time together.

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61 Replies to “Back to the future…”

  1. I would disagree with your statement about not being a teacher at heart. Being invested in the children is what they need! It’s what makes good teachers! Kids need someone to believe in them and love them! I’m sure you’re a wonderful teacher!

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  2. You seem like a wonderful teacher! Dang it, now you’ve made me miss my students back in India! But I doubt if they were anywhere near as innocent as the cute lil ones in your picture. No better critics (and sources of exasperation at times) than a bunch of 17-18 year olds! But worth it in the end, don’t you think? 🙂


  3. Well that was the best way to start my morning! 🙂

    I was teaching children once and it was Christmas time that I had to leave them, they were too excited for Father Christmas arriving to really comprehend that I wouldn’t be there when they got back after Christmas break.

    I said to one little boy, “I hope that you get everything that you want for Christmas!” as he was about to leave the classroom and he said, “I already have” and I was like, “Oh WOW, you have already?! What did you get?” and he said…. “You.” Ugh. Melt. Tears. That was it, I was gone.

    No offer of unlimited free doughnuts though! 😉


  4. These kids are amazing. I totally understand your connection to them. And of course you have this open mind to just let them be and enjoy there individuality, which again connects intensive. It is simply heart to heart. And a heart to heart connection cannot become destroyed by distance. You defninitly have the right job, which is more an earning money for just doing what makes you happy! Love it!


    1. Oh yes, they were bright characters and I wanted to let them hold on to that! I am still in touch with a couple of them, thanks to their Mothers, haha – which is very nice 🙂

      I am teaching older kids soon…let’s see how different that will be!

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    1. Franv32, I also have two boys who would love to join this excursion…sharks for one…poop for the other…I’m sure they’d both enjoy a museum about glass once they figure out how cool it is! 🙂


    1. Yeah, I honestly think you are right there ~ but it is (or feels) more continuous and present in teaching; you get some kids for a bit, then they’re gone – you get some kids for a bit, then they’re gone – repeat, repeat, repeat! Hats off to people who can take that! (Because I’m not one of them!)

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  5. This is absolutely brilliant and helped me start my day with a smile. I hope some day I too can have an impact on someone the way you have with these children and in turn, they have had on you. Cheers!


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  6. Words cannot describe how much I connected with your post today, John. Thanks. I hope that your future teaching of older kids leaves you, not only challenged, but encouraged about those kindergartners who will grow up, too. Older kids are different, but fantastic in their own right. 🙂


    1. Thanks Rachael! Wonderful of you to stop by with some lovely sentiments! I have taught up to middle school and also did some university level instruction…so it’s those in between years that I am not sure of ~ but yes! New challenge!

      I’m sure it will be fantastic, thanks again ~ I’m pleased you connected to my little story 🙂


  7. I know exactly how you feel! There are some students that just climb in and curl up in your heart and stay there, especially the little ones when you’re far away in a new place. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  8. Aww! What a sweet story!
    Do you still teach kindergarten in Korea? From the gross story you shared about the kid throwing up, it sounds like you do, but please correct me if I’m wrong.


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