Novel-ty Writing

So I have an announcement to make…I’m going to take part in “National Novel Writing Month” otherwise known as “nanowrimo“.  If you are not familiar with this event, then in short – it is an annual writing project which takes place in November, where budding writers attempt to create a 50,000 word novel. Phew…that’s quite daunting, don’t you think?

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Now I have never, EVER, finished a novel…I have started a bunch, I probably have drawers full of old papers, character bios, and even covers I had sketched (because I was so sure it was all going to work out!) Each and every time I have given up, gotten bored, or forgotten about it altogether. 

A few of you lovely people have suggested I do more extensive writing, which is nice of you to say so – it’s certainly a plan of mine…but I am my own worst enemy when it comes to that kind of thing…I put it on the back-burner, go eat something, go play something, take up knitting…anything to avoid dealing with the task at hand! BUT NO MORE I TELLZ YA! NO, NO!

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With your support (obviously can’t do this by myself!) I think I will be able to do this – I have a vague idea of the story line…and I think it should be both entertaining, and hopefully, funny!

Anyone else taking part in the project? 

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80 thoughts on “Novel-ty Writing

    1. haha! I don’t have the staying power…or if I want to be mean to myself, the attention span possibly? 😉

      I think I’ll probably just put this one on amazon for people to check out if they fancy it. I don’t think I could deal with the rejection from publishers quite yet, haha 😀

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  1. I hope you manage it John. You are a ruddy good storyteller. It’s just a matter of self discipline, and unfortunately, you are at a bit of a disadvantage there, what with you being a man. My nephew Michael is the same, he is supposed to be editing my stuff for publication (his idea, not mine) but he is forever finding other things to occupy his mind, the filthy so and so.
    Any road, good look. I’ll keep an eye on how you are doing.

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  2. Good luck! And you are already ahead of me, I’m also attempting the nanowrimo challenge for the first time but as of today (that’s right the day before it starts) I don’t even have a vague idea of the storyline but hoping it’ll all make sense when I sit down at the laptop tomorrow!

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  3. I’ll be there with you! I’ve done it twice now and though the first “novel” I wrote had no staying power, the second is now on my “rewrite” agenda. This year I’m going with a novel I wrote years ago that needs very badly to be fixed.

    I love nanowrimo for the freedom. In order to make the word count goals, you’re forced to let go of the inner editor. Sure, last year I ended up with a bunch of parts to my novel, but I now have a clearer idea of who the characters are, where I want my story to go, and what it is ultimately about.

    I found the twitter word sprints to be SOOOO helpful. There’s nothing more fun than spitting out words and having a community out there with you doing the same thing.

    Good luck to you!!


  4. I think this sounds like a great idea, especially for you since you’re a natural storyteller. As for whether I can do it myself, I’m not sure. I have a few reservations. I’m very busy right now but on the other hand I think the challenge could help create sort of a creativity flood to help me tackle the obstacles I’m currently facing. I think I’d have to make it a stream of consciousness style because I simply wouldn’t have enough time otherwise.

    Also, is this open to people living abroad, even though it’s a “National” competition?


    1. I think so! I mean, I assume it is American…but I am British and living in South Korea at the moment! So nothing stopping you if you think you can manage it!

      Pick the style which is best (easiest!) for you! I am choosing to base mine around a subject which I have faced/encountered myself, and then BLOWING it up to a massive proportion…that way it isn’t difficult for me to establish my character, or relate to him/them.

      Good luck if you end up doing it 🙂

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  5. I participate and this is my second year. It is hard, but I found out not impossible. Add me as a buddy I’ll help nudge you if it gets dodgy mid-month. I am Rose_Red there


  6. I just learned about this nano rimo thing, or whatever they call it 5 days ago, and I signed myself up. Never in my life have I written a novel so go figure. Should be interesting though. And with your stories that you have stored….man, you got it easy.

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    1. Ahh Charly, good times man – we are in it together! I will be interested in yours for sure, so you’ll have to keep me posted with developments, or at the very least let me have a read of the finished thang 😀


      1. The thing is I have to study today how the hell it works once you get inside the website and how you follow or read other or what the hell is going on there. I´ll try to find you around see what´s but that´s a lot of writing plus then reading about how to write a novel while your actually writing a novella and then read others…..I think I´m not going to talk to anybody for a month if I take this seriously.

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  7. You are a braver soul than I. Since I also admitted yesterday my graveyard of unfinished novels, I know that this crazy challenge is beyond my limits of sanity right now. Go for it. Best of luck 🙂


  8. I have the same problem with writing a novel…I get it all planned out but never get past the first few chapters. NOT THIS YEAR!! I’m flygirl3 if you want a writing buddy.


  9. Good luck! I support you all the way! I’ve never done nanowrimo, but maybe some year I will. I just write novels on my own time. I’d defiantly read your book if you get it done. And you will got it done, even if it’s not by Dec 1st. You have all of us here to bug til you finish 😀


  10. I still envision for you a book of essays… the stories you’ve already written here bound in a nice book (the work is already done!). How goes that other project anyway? The illustrated comic style one?


      1. I have started and it is not as glorious as I thought. I imagined myself as a writer from a movie with my laptop in front of a window over looking a park with my glasses half way down my nose and my fingers are going 35 miles an hour typing out the next New York times best seller…..but……..Yeah I have lost focused….Back to it!! Go us!!

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      2. Ahhh like SERIOUSLY – you get it, you get the situation I am…well, WE are in right now! I set it all up right, you know – laptop, and extra strong coffee – and then…well…i run out of steam. And my brain just doesn’t cooperate, at all!

        Let’s do it though! COME ONNNNN!

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  11. Congrats on taking the leap! The first time I participated was actually the most fulfilling. Why? It broke down mental barriers that I had created to block myself in creatively. It also truly helped me to realize that writing, though completely creative and fulfilling, if treated with the same respect as a job, can be done efficiently and without long delays. Anyhow happy writing. And if you need any advice, I have spent this past week giving out 5 tokens that I think are helpful to get writer’s through the next 30 days.


  12. I have also started many novel ideas that never pan out. I think it is a great idea to at least attempt it! It makes me want to, maybe I will. Ok, yes, I will do it! I would be glad to support you too! 😄

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      1. I watch youtube videos-other writers or successlab tv. Something I have started doing is writing the dialogue and then going back in to add the plot. The 500 or so words from the dialogue helped me push through to 3000-4000 words per day.


    1. I dare not look at them, haha – who knows what I once wrote down, and discarded! I am starting fresh, about 5,000 words in already…he has turned into an absolute nutcase already, so I suppose it will be classed as a “very dark comedy”, the word count still scares me, but I am going to try and stick with it!


  13. Look forward to see your success. I’m there as well. Having to make some hard pushes to start because I expect time to evaporate with two massive school projects due during the run. How are you doing so far?


    1. Gahhh, so far it has been odd, very odd – I started off thinking I would just write a character that could basically be me…thought it would be easier, but he has transormed into a psychotically violent mental case (I hope this is not a reflection on myself! haha!) I am at 5,131 words, which is okay I guess – but the 50,000 word count is certainly daunting!

      What is your storyline? I wish you all the best, would be cool to support each other of course 🙂


      1. I’m bulling ahead with my series. Starting book 3 for my submission piece. The main character has been forced to start again (for the second time), and now is hunting for new slaves to capture in order to continue his personal vendetta against the culture he was born in.

        As for the character morphing – I’ve seen that happen a time or two. Not a reflection of YOU, unless it is a reflection of your feelings about something going on. (Heck, if the characters were a reflection of us, I would have to go into deep hiding – my main character is extremely NASTY, which I hope I am not!)

        If you want to connect, feel free to look me up – I’m using K.Caffee for NaNo.


  14. I’m taking part. I already have about 35,000 words of a novel under my belt(I write a chapter a week for my serial novel blog), and I’m using nanowrimo as a kick in the butt to finish it so I can start book 2. Whether or not I get the whole 50,000 words, it’s at least good to have the focus be there to write every day. And if you need a writing buddy, let me know😀


  15. Ah yes! NaNo time. I’m not participating this year but I can tell you that it is so much fun! 🙂 Don’t look at it as writing 50k words and you’ll do just fine. Forget the word count. But if you need to keep one, look at it at writing 2k words per day. That’s not as daunting, is it? Honestly, just write everyday and you’ll sail through. Plus I’m sure you have loads of NaNo buddies (that’s what I call them) giving you that kick if need be. And you get loads of prompts and sprints happening on the NaNo site so yeah, I’m not worried that you’ll get it all done. Good luck with it, John (and the other participants too).


  16. I ‘am’ also ‘and’ as well doing NaNoWriMo 2014 – I have reached day 6 (in UK) with 5.7K under my belt (way behind, but it could have been worse) of short stories (this tallies to 50 stories around the 100 word mark. I realise that I may have to get another 450 or so stories, but I want to keep them short so people (when reading the finished collection) can just ‘lucky dip’ into it.

    Good luck on your efforts – if I can comment on anything for you or if you need help with the spelling of the word ‘Plinge!’ just give me a shout – I am Grae-Me (Graeme Sandford) on NaNoWriMo if you want to be a Writing Buddy – and that goes for any other NaNoWriMos out there – good luck and here’s to day 6 and onwards and upwards to 5kwords!



  17. Third time’s a charm. I think I might finish this year. By finish I mean crank out the 50K. I’ve never written this much on the same project before (Writer ADD) but I learned two things. 1. at 30K the story is in it’s 4th chapter and the plot line seems to indicate there’ll end up being around ten. I’m no mathematician, but I think it’s safe to say 50K won’t finish the thing. Hence, 2. I’m going to skip the middle and write the end – claim my victory and fill the jelly doughnut in December. Then I’ll do what King says and stuff the disgusting mess into a drawer until June.

    Don’t quit, even if you’re far from the 50K slayer T-shirt. That’ s what I learned that last two times. Forget the NaNo requirement and make it about you just writing something (a sentence, a paragraph, 1000 words) everyday. I can’t wait to see what it’s like having a total pile of words to make a book out of in the second draft and beyond.


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