Well it’s beginning to look, a lot like Christmas…don’t worry, I am not about to break into song! I just love this time of year…that festive feel, that holiday spirit, that – well, whatever you call it! I just unashamedly still, love Christmas!

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Unfortunately it has came to my attention recently, that many foolish souls have been spreading a rather hateful, and malicious message…something that isn’t Christmassy in the slightest! And this is something for which I will not stand…as a resolute Christmasist! 

What I’m raving about are those Scrooge-like fellows, who wildly claim that Santa Claus, is NOT repeat, NOT real! Which is of course crazy!  And I have a story to prove it!

I was six years old, possibly seven, when I found myself sitting on a train with my Aunt. I’d just visited her in London, so I had just enjoyed a couple of days of looking up at big things, and eating ice cream. I was quite content, just staring out of the window – and holding on to my new “Evil Cat” soft toy, that a nice lady in Pizza Hut had given me. You could squeeze his belly, and he would emit a chaotic “MUAHAHAHAHAHA” giggle.  Amusing for me, probably hell for all of the grown ups. 

Amidst all of this fun, someone caught my eye a few rows down. I instantly stopped squeezing Evil Cat’s belly, and stared. There was a man, he was maybe sixty…or eighty, well he was old anyway. And he was sat there reading his book, minding his own business…but for some reason I couldn’t look away. There was something special about him. But it is rude to stare so I tried my best to look down at the floor, and out of the window…but I just…couldn’t! I had to have one more peek..then one more peek…then one more…

Blackadder Stare GIF

It was strange, I definitely recognised him from somewhere. He wasn’t like everyone else, who were either sitting there with a bored expression…or eating a horrible looking sandwich, that smelled like sick. He had a little smile on his face. His cheeks were chubby, and red –  he actually looked comfortably relaxed in his seat, in between sips of his hot cocoa…

And that flowing white beard! Not many people have that, it’s usually jus-

“WAIT! …WAIT!” I shouted desperately,

“Shhhhhh, John! Try, and kee-“


“John, people are trying to re-“

I didn’t let her finish whatever she was saying, and simply pointed (rude, I know!) at the man sitting a few rows down…Santa Claus”, I announced proudly.

Yes Santa GIF

She stared too, and I waited in anticipation for approval…“it is, isn’t it?!” I blurted out hastily without thinking. She then smiled, and said she wasn’t sure – and that perhaps it was best to just go up to him, and ask.

Now this sounded like utter madness, to me! But it seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity, I mean…how many kids get to say that they met Santa while he was off duty, on a train heading to the North-East of England? I haven’t heard that said, EVER! So there was only one thing for it, I had to go for it! I mean the worst thing that could happen is that he says, no – and then I burst into flames due to a severe embarrassment overdose…

I pulled off the chair, and began to shuffle slowly over to him – I turned back a few times, and there was my Aunt grinning, and giving eager thumbs up. Once I got to his row, I just stood there – transfixed. Thankfully he smiled warmly, and said hello.


I couldn’t help it, it just burst out without me knowing! He maintained his smile, but I instantly regretted it, I wished in that moment that I had just stayed seated…that I had just carried on squeezing Evil Cat’s belly. I shifted awkwardly on the spot, awaiting his answer…

“Yes. Yes, I am.” he whispered in a hushed tone. I didn’t say anything, instead I immediately fled back to HQ to report the news:


Santa GIF

She asked what he had said to me; “well – I came back here to tell you…so, nothing…” I suddenly realised how I had missed out on so much in that opportunity, I had let so much slip through my fingers! My Aunt agreed to come along with me, to make right my wrongs. 

We had a lovely chat; I asked him why he was on the train – he said even Santa needs a break sometimes, to which I thought fair enough. He showed me some photos, of him and the guys (his reindeer, and his elf friends). His wife looked friendly on the photos, he said he missed her a lot but he’d be back with her soon. He actually remembered my name, once I told him – he said I had been pretty good this year, which was such a relief because I was half expecting my poor performance in maths class to affect my present haul that year!

My Aunt said we best leave him alone, that he had a lot of things he had to do for all of the other children…I nodded, and walked back to my seat.

Just before Christmas a card arrived from him personally, with a photo of him, and his wife on the front – they certainly did look happy to be reunited. It was nice to know he hadn’t forgotten me, because I certainly didn’t ever forget him…

Have yourself a very merry Christmas!

74 Replies to “SANTA CLAUS IS REAL.”

  1. Sweet! I had an opposite experience, actually. After my six year old daughter asked me if Father Christmas was real and I said that he was, she explained to her Dad “We have to pretend that there is a Father Christmas, because Mommy thinks there is.”

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  2. Many years ago, for reasons I can’t remember, my husband hired a Santa outfit an wore ir all day on Christmas Day. As we left home in the afternoon to visit family, we met a little girl of about five who just stared in amazement, until h “ho Ho Ho”-ed, at which point she ran screaming back to her mother. I imagine she has a phobia to this day.

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      1. Seriously! He dressed the part and all. He drove an old wagon, I can’t remember what you call it now, but it was pretty beat up. He was well known around the valley.


  3. I can’t believe you actually got to talk to Santa! I did see him once when I was about 3 or 4 and had got out of bed without my parents knowing so there’s no way they could have been in on some crazy mass deception as those scrooges out there would try and have me believe.


  4. I saw Santa and his wife at Starbucks the week before Thanksgiving. Pretty sure they were gearing up for a busy December with plenty of caffeine. In contrast, I met someone at Wal-Mart the other day which reminded me of Santa, until he spoke and turned out to be the exact opposite…you can read all about it here…

    Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  5. This brought a big genuine smile to my face, which doesn’t happen too often. I’ve always been a huge fan of Christmas and Father Christmas, and this made me Even more exited for Christmas and going home soon. 😀

    So thank you a thousand times, for giving me a big grin on this quite unpleasant day.

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  6. What a wonderful man to recognize the opportunity presented to him by your question,. . . and sweetly generous of him as well to play it out to the end with the mail. It is said peoples’ paths cross for a reason


  7. I saw him off-duty at Disneyland Paris a few weeks ago. He may not have been wearing The Suit, but there’s no mistaking that beard. I suppose, if he’s got fill his sleigh with Frozen stuff he may as well have a go on the Flying Dumbos at the same time.


  8. Love it! Personally I hate Christmas with a passion but it’s nice to see others that enjoy it. Because I’m an only child & the youngest of 10 cousins I believed in Santa till I was 12 😬 No one wanted to wreck it for me haha I am dreaming of a white Christmas for the future. Usually it’s over 40 degrees here in Sydney 😳


  9. Lovely story. What an incredible person. It would never occur to me to lie 🙂 BTW, I’m going to share this story. I know someone who is a Christmas fan!

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  10. I remember my dad’s friend dressing as Saint Nick, coming to my parent’s house, and trying to convince me he was the real deal. I think it was when I was eight or something. I wasn’t buying it, since two years back I caught my parents hiding Easter eggs in the backyard.
    Good story, John!


  11. Great story John! My dad, who is 91, got asked that many times over the years and I have no doubt that he responded in a similar fashion. Thanks for the smile and the memory. You tell a great story.


  12. You have no idea how much this post moved me! No Joke. I am a huge fan of Christmas (my favorite holiday, ever.). I get all excited putting up the tree and ornaments and everything. Also, my nephew’s birthday is in December and he equally loves Christmas as much as me. He even asked his mom (my sister) to have a Santa impersonator at his 6th birthday party last year.

    I remember last year, I was in line at the shopping mall with my nephew, waiting to take photos with Santa. My nephew very seriously turned to my sister and said, “Mom, did you know that this isn’t the real Santa Claus?” My sister replied, “Yes, he is!” because she didn’t want to disappoint him. She then asked, “How do you know he’s not the real Santa?”, to which my nephew replied, “The real Santa lives in the North Pole. All of the Santa’s you see at the mall are just his HELPERS because he’s so busy. And they all dress like Santa Clause so you know which person to look for.” Those words, coming from my 6 year old nephew really touched me & reinvigorated my love of the Christmas spirit.


    1. That’s excellent! What a great story! I didn’t have space to fit it in here, although I thought about it…but when I was working in Finland I met the “real Santa” so to speak…people go there which is actually the north pole for day trips, and the kids are filled with awe at the man himself, and the enchanting setting! Fast forward, and I am tearing two children apart who have came to blows over whether Santa Claus is real (one of their Dads told them he isn’t, pfft Grinch) anyway, I whip out my phone and show them photos…and they were amazed. And Christmas, and its magic was restored 😀

      Merry Christmas! haha first person I have said it too! But really hope you enjoy yourself, and wishing you and your family the best! Keep up the festive spirit!

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      1. Aside from the over commercializstion of this holiday, I wish more people would get as excited as we do about Christmas.

        I really wish I could visit this place you’ve mentioned in Finland. It sounds so enchanting and magical…

        P.S. I have one ear that’s pointed (which my family believes is deformed). My brothers used to tease me and say that I’m part elf (or Mr. Spock)…but now i like telling my nephew and niece (his little sister) that I’m half elf and that makes me special.


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