Karma is REAL.

I am a strong believer of “what goes around comes around” – as this is something which is actually tangible in everyday life.

I mean…you can actually see it in practice! People act in a certain way, or interact with others in a positive or negative manner…and the world has a way of bringing it back around…as if that is the natural flow of life as it should be…

Beautiful GIF

Like the other day I ordered a coffee with three extra shots! And…well it was great at first, I was so productive with my writing, was able to send emails, and was that smiley noddy wavey guy on the street! But what goes around comes around – and I spent the remainder of the evening glued to the toilet bowl battling chronic diahorrea and trying not to cry.

If that isn’t evidence of karma then I don’t know what is – please use with caution.



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16 Replies to “Karma is REAL.”

  1. I am sorry, John! But I am having a hard time not to laugh. Not because you were feeling bad but about the way you wrote it all!!! I hope you are well again and leave it at one shot or none!


  2. Yep, too much coffee’ll getcha! Only one shot today, ‘k John? If you spend too much time on the toilet that’s less time blogging and we followers won’t get our “Storytime with John” fix. Er, unless you write your posts on your phone while…NEVERMIND I don’t wanna know!!!


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