The Killer Kid…

Another day…another note...this time with so much laughter involved that it quite literally can’t be contained by the speech bubble. Should I be worried? I am picking out my funeral tunes, and coffin costume just in case.


At least I look pretty slim in this picture – that’s the one plus.

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19 Replies to “The Killer Kid…”

  1. Ha! I’ll never forget the dyslexic kid of mine who once left me a note, “die, Mom, die.” Of course my kid simply didn’t know the difference between a “b” and “d”. Your kids seem to have included drawings and gleeful laughter just in case there is any doubt 😉

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  2. come on something is wrong if kids talk that way look at all the shootings at schools ,and everywhere eles not normal I remember myself as a kid I wouldn’t talk about death or let anyone else talk around me about death so if your kid talks about death get him help

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