Stop Thief!

I danced a lot on Saturday night…like A LOT, A LOT! It had been quite some time since I had “went out” in Korea, so I guess that I had just stored all of this boogie energy up, and was releasing it all over the sticky dancefloors of Seoul!

One army-looking guy commented that he “likes the way I move” several times, which sounds creepy in retrospect – but I think it was just an appreciation of all the boogie work I was putting in, and also perhaps he felt sorry for me because my friends were at the bar, and didn’t join me until they had reached an optimum alcohol induced state. But I didn’t really care, I was in the zone…

Lebowski Dance GIF

I really wasn’t aware that I’m a Chris Brown fan (honest!) – but apparently my body is. 

Anyway, the fact that I was so focused on busting moves meant that my mind wasn’t on other things – which is a positive thing, I was just having a good time, and totally living in the joy of the moment. But thankfully I wasn’t so oblivious as to not note every single thing…

You see in the next bar I was doing much of the same, dancing, and just having fun – probably thinking that I look absolutely fantastic, but in reality probably looking more like an oxygen starved flapping fish. But hey, no matter. And I was also chattering away, as I imagine I do after a few lemonades…

…but that’s when I vaguely noticed a tall-ish Korean man standing by the table…in a long coat, and with a highly suspicious look plastered all over his face. I attempted to ignore him, but for some reason it struck me as necessary to keep one eye on him…I turned out to be right…

Hermione Shocked GIF

You see my one spying eyeball caught sight of his outstretched arm…reaching right for my dance-partners purse on the nearby table…he pulled on it once – bringing it closer…I watched in disbelief…he pulled on it again, so close to his pocket now…I was still doubting what was happening, or at least what was about to! 

YOINK! And the purse was in his pocket! And he was heading for the door! GONE, HE’S GONE! I rubbed my eyes, and ran out after him – shaking off my friend who was trying to pull me back, probably thinking I was all danced out, still oblivious to the fact that her keys, cards, and cash were about to turn up missing!

I pushed over a few people in the mad adrenaline fueled burst, but I had no time to pay attention to that, he was getting away, HE WAS GETTING AWAY! 

Chasing GIF

Well he was – but he didn’t get far! It was just outside on the street where I grabbed him – and snatched the purse back out of his hand. “Huh? Whaa?” He began, as I shook my head like a disapproving Grandmother! I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do other than that…it wasn’t exactly a combat scenario, and suddenly he was so nervous all of a sudden – a far cry from the slick chameleon he was attempting to be inside the bar!

I turned back, and returned to the table. 

“Where did you go?” started my friend, until I cut her off – and put the purse into her hands. I was puffing, and panting, which made me recognise that I’m certainly too unfit to be any kind of hero…it’s simply not for me. I’ll just stick to dancing, there’s a lot less danger in that!


43 Replies to “Stop Thief!”

  1. OMG you’re a hero!!!

    Still..I was hoping to see a video of “the moves” that Korean guy seemed to notice. I am convinced you should still make that Psy-inspired dance video.. It is sooo appropriate – with you being in Korea and all?? (*me crossing my fingers…*) 😀


  2. Oh wow, THAT IS SO COOL! Your friend must have been so impressed 🙂 I wish I could do something like that. Hopefully someday my friend’s purse will get snatched just so I get the opportunity to go after the thief and get it back LOL. Okay, that was a foolish thing to say… Oh, by the way, the gif you posted of the dancing man: it had me laughing so much (inside my head) because I was listening to this band called Dimmu Borgir when I saw it and the man REALLY looked like he was dancing to it. It was crazy and so funny. And then after that I was listening to “Eisenfunk” or some EBM group… and he looked like he was dancing to it again. So then I tried a Joy Division song and it worked as well. I think whatever music you listen to while watching, it will look like he’s dancing to it. Anyway, it was really entertaining watching and I showed my sister too and she laughed. Thank you.



  3. Yay for you! Afraid that here in the states it would have escalated in to a fist fight (at least). Hate that you have to watch people and can’t have a good time. Had a sneaky snake of a man drop GHB into a few of our drinks one night at a local night club. Was terrible, and he did it at an OCCUPIED table! Creepers. They are everywhere.

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    1. How awful for you! That’s just terrible – some people are just straight nasty, I can’t even get my head around it sometimes.

      But yes, honestly back home in England it would have been a fist fight for sure, but I didn’t know what to expect here in Korea! Also have to be careful as if I cause any trouble I would be deported no question, unfortunately they ALWAYS take the side of the native, never the foreigner 😦

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