The Facebook Dislike Button

It has been recently announced that Facebook is working on a ‘Dislike’ button – which has sparked celebration from those people who dislike things, but are too lazy to type out an explanation as to why this is so…

One enthusiastic and passive-aggressive man was quoted as saying: “this is indeed a historic day for the internet, I really can’t wait till they introduce it – I hate my neighbour’s child and can’t wait to thumbs down every single photo they post of his annoying little face”.

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However some have criticised the move and believe that the meager range of options in both ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ are heavily limited, and don’t allow for a true expression of the human experience. The founding member of UCLA (Union of Communicating Lasting Apathy), David Bottoms, has spoken out in opposition of the decision, believing it to be a backward step:

“Facebook has really underestimated what its market truly needs – what about those of us who simply don’t give a shit about photographs of food, or pictures of dogs with santa hats on? Why are we being so heavily discriminated against? Where is our ‘I don’t give a fucking shit’ button?” 

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It is quite simply anyone’s guess how this whole situation will go…will the general public choose to restrict their thumbs down practices to natural disasters, and pictures of failed cooking attempts? Or will they stray into more risky waters and ‘dislike’ their best friend’s wedding photographs as they are jealous and worry they may end up dying alone with cats (who no one has liked through Facebook). 

Well, no one can be sure…so we best just stay tuned I guess…I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough…

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32 Replies to “The Facebook Dislike Button”

  1. I am worried that the dislike button will just be a new tool for internet bullies to use. I get that sometimes you want to just show people that their 100th lunch selfie is annoying, but there are no restrictions as to how this can be used …

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  2. As someone who utilizes Facebook on a daily basis, I must disagree that people are just too lazy to type out an explanation. In many instances it is the dilemma that is forced upon the reader of a post, where they do not wish to offend, yet want to express some sort of opinion. I, for one, am delighted that a “dislike” button will soon be available, and feel that it is long overdue.


  3. I think some people could really be mean with that button. But hopefully people are nice about it. I know I’m not going to dislike all the pictures some of my friends put up of their cats, even though I hate cats. That’s just not a friendly thing to do.


  4. I’ve always wanted a dislike button especially, when it deals with things that I find really offensive from family and friends but people I don’t want to unfriend. Plus, if people are honest, it will give me a perfect statistical insight into what they think about my posts. I’m concerned that people will try to say that clicking a dislike button is the same as bullying. Disliking is not bullying but some people “need” to be liked so badly that anything other than a like will devastate them. Some people should have real friends that they socialize with and not social media friends who don’t give a rat’s ass about them to begin with…


  5. I want a “I don’t give a fucking shit” button for life in general. Just like a recording of me saying it. There’s nothing that says “I don’t give a shit than a button that says it.

    Better yet, give me a button that lets out a quick sigh. That’d be good.

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    1. I mean seriously what is it MEANT to be used for? If you post, “I just wanted to let you all know that my father died suddenly last night, family is beyond destroyed we will post details when available” that is the kind of post that you are not going to hit ‘like’ on right? But isn’t it going to be just as depressing for that person to log in the next morning and receive a notification saying ‘100 people disliked your post’?


  6. Oooh, I would love to be a passive aggressive a-hole and dislike all the wedding photographs of my fiance’s best friend–photos of the wedding we weren’t invited to or even told about, despite the two of them being best friends for almost 30 years. But, I prefer the Mister’s plan of inviting them to our wedding and then holding it over their heads forever. =P

    Seriously, though, I would like a “I do not give a fucking shit” button. I also hate Facebook in general and wish we could do away with the whole damn beast.


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