Travel Tips!

Okay, finally got down to this one! I’m certainly no expert, and don’t really claim to be – but I feel like I can at least impart some advice I’ve picked up along the way! I will say this; they are (mostly) all just common sense – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth saying! 

Hope they help!

If you have a video request you can leave a comment, or send me an email – if it’s a cool/interesting idea then I will get to it as soon as I can!

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15 Replies to “Travel Tips!”

  1. Great tips! I am definitely not good at packing light…but have gotten better at it. Luckily, while I’ll be in NYC for a week, I won’t be schlepping all of my bags around with me so I can pack 6 pairs of shoes and not have to worry about carrying them on my back! This is exactly why backpacking would be tough for me! I will absolutely be implementing your “eat where the locals eat” advice and I’m also going to drink where the locals drink, too. I want to hit up some dive bars and have a real experience, not a touristy one!


  2. I love all your tips, John, but there is one thing I never travel without: toilet paper. Really. If you are in India, they don’t have it at all. Instead you spray your bum with a hose type thing, or leads conveniently, you dash water at it with a cup, or even less conveniently, with a bowl of cold water and your hand. Whatever. But I have never figured out how to DRY one’s bum after washing. I have asked about this, but I only ever get looks from people like, are you really that crazy? And other countries I frequent have TP the texture of #2 sandpaper. How they manage to walk is beyond my understanding. So I take a couple of rolls of decent TP and take the cardboard (pasteboard to you Brits) roll thingie out so they compress better, put them each in its own plastic bag, sit on the whole thing, then zip the bag, so it takes up less room. Voila, you are a happy crapper, but only if you remember to keep some in your pocket as you wander about.

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  3. That are really great tipps!!! You are obviously very experienced and routined in travelling around the world. Love the last one: “Remember that you are never coming back here!” Very good, thank you!!!


  4. Another tip is relax! Different countries run on different concepts of time and service. If you are on vacation in Jamaica or Mexico don’t expect your food and drink to show up at the same speed as a US McDonald’s during the lunch rush. Ain’t gonna happen. If you get all up tight and freak out on the poor servers you don’t get faster service and you look like a dick. The stuff will eventually show up and if you stay gracious the service will stay sweet and friendly.

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  5. Good tips another couple are to use the Apps on your smart phone, trip advisor or are good to use and see what other people have done or stayed. I also loved the xe app for currency. I remember being in Vietnam thinking finally I am a millionaire like Del Boy of course reality sets in with the currency conversion. I also like to wait till the end sometimes on a flight queue to board the plane. Years ago I did this in Auckland as I had a middle row seat till LA and thought I may as well be comfortable to boarding. I waited in the lounge until the last call and then wandered up. The steward put my ticket in and the machine spat it out and he ripped it up. Then gave me another one which said 3a. A very, very enjoyable flight. My tip is good things sometimes to those prepared to wait!


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