Horrendous: Life is a Climb

Life is absolutely horrible: sort of. You struggle, and struggle, and struggle…then have a burger and a beer(s) which helps you momentarily forget about it for a bit…and then – more of the same. Toiling ruthlessly for little reward, receiving a catalogue of “NO, NO, NO”s until you are a skeletal husk devoid of ambition…or perhaps even worse wistfully dreaming away each day as you sit shackled to a desk in a job you despise, and with a boss you would happily run over accidentally/on purpose…

(Don’t worry I’ll keep it a secret, and help you bury the…shhhh, never mind…keep it moving. Email me when the job is done…)

Shhh GIF

As much as the internet would like you suggest otherwise with the endless positive blogs and braggadocious Instagram posts displaying fantastical lives devoid of any rainstorms whatsoever…life is largely about delayed happiness, rather than an endless shower of chicken and mushroom pies. Case in point my mother has promised me one of these homemade wonders when I pop back to visit for Christmas…I am literally counting down the days – I wish I could have it on the daily, but nooo!

I’ll get to the point shall I? Well, yes…I have been hiking a bit recently, and by a bit I mean I hiked two different mountains the past two Sundays and won’t be doing it again for the rest of this year – and possibly/definitely for the rest of my life. But whilst doing this I had a thought…you see on the way up I was pathetically scrabbling slowly and not so surely, sweating buckets, breathing more heavily than Darth Vader after running two marathons…and basically just wishing I would conveniently slip of the cliff to my death just to give my burning thighs a break…

Sleep GIF

And yet, when I was coming down…there was a new lease of life…and I enjoyed every bouncing step as I hopped from rock to rock quickly descending down the same paths that I had once struggled so horrendously with just moments before. I was Aragon,  I was Legolas…in actual fact I probably looked like Gimli – but fuck it I was doing it, and enjoying every second of it!

You see that’s how life is…and I’m okay with it. You have to take the rough with the smooth, and the good with the bad. Sometimes the hard work takes a long time, and the rewards come in a short and limited burst…but rather than fret about this we should just enjoy it! I’m working a lot now – my schedule is much more packed than I would like – but I know that I have a few months of travelling coming up next year...and then it will be back to the grind, wherever and whatever that may be. 

Adventure GIF

But I will have those memories, I’ll have seen those places, laughed with friends and cried with family. So as horrendous as things can be – I will always try to treasure the fleeting joy on the way down…

Hope you do too. 



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11 Replies to “Horrendous: Life is a Climb”

  1. So I’m definitely about five beers in, but I’d like to think that if I’m sober enough to sit and read,I’m sober enough to think and appreciate! And this post was perfect; life advice, Lord of the Rings metaphors, comedic relief gifs! Genius! I think I got that tingly feeling that happens when you’re watching a gnarly movie and a Legolas character takes down a giant elephant out of nowhere and it still only counts as one!


  2. Thank you, I really needed to read that today. I think of life as having hills and valleys. Sometimes the valleys are longer than you’d like and the hills short, but taking the bad with the good is part of life and something we have to learn to live with. Similar to you, I haven’t been home in a while (although probably a shorter period of time than you) and am counting down the days to see my dad and friends. Hopefully the wait goes by fast for you!


  3. Perfect John! Couldn’t agree more! In fact, I think it’s the hard/difficult times in life that make the good times so sweet…not that I’m asking for more difficulty from the universe! But you know what I mean. And yes, I’ve felt just the same about hiking…always much more fun to come down! Hope your holidays are joyful, and as a mom who loves to bake/cook for her kids, I can imagine that your mom is counting the days till you’re home! ~ Sheila


    1. Aww thanks Sheila, this was lovely and warmly appreciated! And I think you’re right, not that anyone truly wants difficulties…but life is in its nature challenging and getting over these hurdles can prove rewarding in their own right!


  4. You couldn’t have captured the true essence of life any more fully than you have here. As for “artificial” world presented on social media, that will only continue as long as other sad sacks try to present a much bigger brighter life than they are actually living. I figure the more vibrant photos and boasts of the “best husband” “the best kids” the best weekend trips” the less truth revealed behind the curtain.


  5. The challenge (or hope & prayer) is to be as content with the slavery/toil as with the freedom/enjoyment. In other words to be free either way. You can truly tell me this is not possible?


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