Fantasy Land…

Following up yesterday’s post here is a very short video of my time at Chiang Rai’s Wat Rong Khun…also known as The White Temple. It’s hard to really describe as there is SO MUCH going on in one relatively small spot…take a look…

Still not sure what to make of it all!

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11 Replies to “Fantasy Land…”

      1. If you need somewhere relatively cheap to stay while you are there I can put you in touch with my old landlord. He’s an American bloke who will always go out of his way for you. It’s a shame I’m not living there any more because I could have shown you all the non touristy gems there.


  1. OMG!!!! I have been to the white temple! Recently actually. I went to Thailand in February with my sister. We used the tour company Anyhow, I was just in awe of this temple. It is indescribable. I could sit and look at one spot for a day and still miss things. I can only imagine the time spent building everything. Just WOW

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    1. How was the heat in Thailand in February? I was expecting it to be cooler in March but it really wasn’t.

      But yeah the temple…incredible. And such a variety of influences, it seemed to be that anything that popped into his imagination was some way chanelled into it! Spectacular!


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