Youth vs. 20 Something (Holidays)

Is it better to look at ancient podiums – or dance on sticky ones in nightclubs? 

WAIT. Hold that thought…as I suppose you could do both…although just the one time – after all UNESCO people are such sticklers when it comes to boogeying on their priceless ruins. But for the sake of this post how about we pretend that the two are mutually exclusive? And that one sort of trip contains that of an avid flip flops and socks wearing tourist, and the other of a red-necked nuisance. Okay?

You see I’ve been fortunate to go on both sorts of trips and they are – OH HEY LOOK A VISUAL AID RATHER THAN ME EXPLAINING!


Yup. Athens and Zakynthos (Zante); both in Greece but both completely different – just look at that distance, oooh wee. Actually this is why I HATE HATE HATE with a capital claw hammer when people check off a country from their “been to” list after seeing just one city during an hour long coach stop. NEWS FLASH: You haven’t been to  England if you have only seen London, no more than you have visited China by taking a selfie on the great wall of China – sorry to be that guy…but…well…facts and all that. GO SEE MORE THINGS, NOW!

And also location aside, holidays vary massively…simply put they are not all the same! If you go for a nice church retreat to Holy Island with some holier than thou nuns, you are likely to have a different experience than a pupil widening weekend to Ibiza with the boys from your five a side team. So stop trying to pretend you can see it all in one can’t. 

So with all that in mind, let’s compare the two trips – and see if there is a winner (spoiler alert, there isn’t):

First up is one of the most famous cities in the world – although these pictures barely do it proof (thanks to my goofy stupid face, apologies internet):


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Athens, Greece: Aged 25 (2016) – This was part of my mega-trip after leaving South Korea I met with my sister and headed to the birthplace of democracy and the old stomping ground of my boy Zeus…don’t worry, there was still a lot of beer!

Key moments:

  • Having the amazingly delicious, and healthy (not true at all but it’s nice to tell yourself lies sometimes) gyros every single day for every single lunch. I also learned I had been pronouncing the name incorrectly…it’s “gee-ros” not “guy-ros” apparently.
  • Spending ages in lines to see the amazing historical sites…and then feeling cheated at the fact they were propped up with unsightly bits of scaffolding.
  • Having a staring match with this grumpy guy in a laundrette – and losing. Atheniens are some of the most miserable people I have ever met (but perhaps they have good reason to be.)

But this wasn’t the first time I stepped foot in Greece…the first time was a lot more lively and a lot more hazy too…I give you, Zante:

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Zante, Greece: Aged 19 (2011) –  Oh to be young(er)…more tan, less hair, and a whole lot of memories. Good times – minus the times I was throwing up of course…

Key moments:

  • Having two double hotel rooms with a balcony connecting both just for our group – ideal. But due to some sort of error (or accidentally on purpose?) I had to share a bed with one of my pals…weird at first, but after a few hundred shots of unidentified alcohol: not at all. 
  • Getting talked into allowing multiple friends to have a go cutting off my hair…which essentially looked like a half stripped kiwi for the rest of the holiday…and actually for years after. 
  • Whilst off his head one of my friends almost drowned himself in the sea, but was fortunately saved by a couple of random guys – who were aptly dubbed his “Guardian Angels” for the remainder of the trip. Safe to say he was a lot more careful after this experience.
  • Almost crying upon returning to my home and ordinary life…as life on this paradise island was pretty much well…errr…paradise. Which sort of makes sense I suppose.

But alright,  which one is better? Almost dying from exhaustion after two weeks of non-stop madness, or feeling a newly stuffed belly a cafe hopping vacation gives you?


There’s a time and place for everything – especially gyros. ALWAYS GYROS.

But I guess my advice is that you take the time to just enjoy whatever kind of experience you are experiencing…just go with the flow and enjoy it for what it is. Don’t cram. Just live in the moment…that way you will have something organic to savour later on.

Wait…why am I suddenly so hungry? 

Gotta go eat something, bu-bye – but make sure you leave some sort of experience you have had in the comments – don’t let me be the only one…my God that hair cut and earrings…what was I thinking?!

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15 Replies to “Youth vs. 20 Something (Holidays)”

  1. 2015 – The Viking’s family is in Denmark so that’s where we started our 7 week Euro Tour. His brother gave us a car to use and we drove around Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, and a quick jog down to Croatia before going back to Denmark. We took the small roads, drove through small, breathtaking villages, drank espresso, ate baguettes with butter and ham, drank beer and wine. It was awesome!! I’m turning my journal into a book – ‘Mrs. Completely & The Viking Fight and Argue Their Way Through 7 Euro Countries’. And you are absolutely right that going to Paris does NOT mean you saw France.

    Wonderful that you are travelling when you are young. So much better than Orthotics and Percocet. :o)

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    1. Oh that sounds absolutely wonderful…there is some amazing scenery to be had around Europe – and the good thing is you can drive a couple of hours and be in a TOTALLY different place, and take part in a TOTALLY different culture and way of life. Love it!

      I’m presently back in the UK, but your story stirred something in me…will have to look at the next trip! 🙂


      1. Ok then…
        I was on holiday with my parents and my sister in France (I was probably 12 or 13 at the time) and we took a two day trip to Paris. We stayed in a small backstreet hotel, much like many others in the city that cater for short stay tourists.
        While my parents were checking in at the front desk, I went to investigate the old style lift in the lobby (complete with one of those two position “up/down” levers and a sliding metal safety gate inside the door) which I quickly discovered had a light that came on as you opened the door, like a fridge. Being a curious twelve year old, I attempted to spot the switch that operated the light and eventually found a small black square in the top corner of the door frame, which the door came to rest on when in the closed position. Thinking the best way to test my theory was to press the “button” whilst the door was open, I reached up and tried to push in the small metal block. This was the point at which I found out that it wasn’t a light switch at all, but the very bottom edge of the “buzz bar” which carried power to the entire lift system. (I’m guessing that a contact on the door made sure the lift wouldn’t operate with the door open)

        The instant my finger came in contact with the metal, it became stuck to it and a terrifying burst of power shot up my arm, which suddenly took on a life of its own and started doing that violent vibration thing you see in cartoons when people are electrocuted. The uncontrollable shuddering travelled up my arm and down the entire length of my body, making me shake like a rag doll until, fortunately, my feet actually jumped off the floor as a result of my involuntary thrashing about, breaking the earth connection and freeing my hand.
        I must have yelped or made some sort of noise, because my parents turned to see what was happening, although I was incapable of speaking until a few minutes later so I just pretended nothing had happened.
        I had a small burn, right on the tip of my finger, for a couple of days and mild heart palpitations for half an hour or so, for which I consider myself very lucky, as I’m sure it could have been fatal, if not for the circuit being broken after just a few seconds.

        I used the stairs the whole time we were there.


  2. I’m too old for that beer swiggin’ style of vacation. So age and personality play a big role in the style of vacation that suits you. Research where you are going and research who you are going with. If you are the beer swiggin’ type, you are going to want to murder me in my sleep after a day and a half of me saying, “lets go see this old crumbly place and stop for iced tea”.


  3. Hey you,how are you? hope all is good. i needed some inspiration as i’m longing to be a travel writer and i remembered this guy i came across on wrdpress that writes about his travels hehhe glad i found ur page again and i wanna know how you do it..


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