No God, No Good?

First in the new debate series – here we hear a story from the lovely Linda Bethea (thanks Linda!), and later I discuss religion, morality, and…probably a few other things. Hope you enjoy it.  Opinions are obviously more than welcome, I expect this issue to be a little bit more controversial than say…the time someContinue reading “No God, No Good?”

The Next Step…

The emblazoned image of the metaphorical crossroads is almost constantly in our thoughts. It sits right there…taunting us with deep-cutting barbs: “hahahaha! You’re STOOOPID! You can’t even decide what to do – you’re just standing there with a slack jawed look! How do you even operate in normal society?! GOD, just stop trying altogether. PLEASE.” (Or you know,Continue reading “The Next Step…”

The Forking Path

As this year draws to a close, I find myself musing on all that has happened up till now – and pondering on what may come my way in the future…the funny thing is, things never turn out the way you expect – which is what makes life so interesting! Or scary depending on how you lookContinue reading “The Forking Path”