The Next Step…

The emblazoned image of the metaphorical crossroads is almost constantly in our thoughts. It sits right there…taunting us with deep-cutting barbs: “hahahaha! You’re STOOOPID! You can’t even decide what to do – you’re just standing there with a slack jawed look! How do you even operate in normal society?! GOD, just stop trying altogether. PLEASE.” (Or you know, words to that effect.)

Taunt GIF

But the truth is  most crossroads of this sort are illusory, and something we have simply manufactured in our heads…probably on a sub-conscious level to make choices more distinct, and clear; I’m either going to do this, or this. I’m not going to start this, or I am going to start this. And so it goes on, in the same fashion…but in most cases this is not so.

Naturally there are some rare times when there are limited choices, but those are few, and far between…maybe if a tree falls on your grandmother, you can opt to help her out – or just let her squirm under the leaves and hope for the best. Fortunately however, these things aren’t regular occurrences… * and if this is a common feature of your life, please remind me to stay well away from you, and a 100 mile radius of wherever you’re from!

Reason? You are sure to creep me out almost as much as this:



Due to unforeseen visa complications I will be in South Korea even longer than anticipated…till late February 2016 in fact. Phew. It’s not much of a problem as Korea is lovely, and I have a fantastic life – but I think by the time that date rolls around I will be ready to move on to the next adventure. (That’s even with the planned 2015 trips to Japan, The Philippines, and Thailand.) But the question is, where to next?

I don’t enjoy being away from family, and friends for long periods of time – but that’s life, and for now it can’t be helped. But is that really the choice I have? Be away, or return home? Seems limited. But, well that is what I am trying to discover. After all, perhaps there is a third route there…overgrown with thickets, and thorns…but if one is to slash away with a sharp machete, it could possibly lead on to a better place. We’ll see…we’ll see…   

But where are you? And what is your next step?

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17 Replies to “The Next Step…”

  1. You are so young, John, and simply keep enjoying your freedom. One day for sure the crossroads might get less and then you can look back on a huge selection of memories all over the world. At times we simply need to take one step in order to see where the next one is to put at and suddenly the path will be seen.

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  2. I do know when I had the chance to work in Singapore I was glad for the experience, even if it left me so far from everybody for such long times. (The Internet made this a lot easier to bear than it might have otherwise been.) But it did leave me with a big stockpile of boring stories to relate for the rest of my life, so that’s a benefit.

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    1. Sorry john, drunk and unhappy comment from other night, one of many. If you could do me a favour and ignore both the comments and this apology I’d be grateful. It’s embarrassing.

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  3. I have a nephew in your situation, John. He opted to stay in So. Korea to pursue another degree, while he teaches English part time. He tried to find work in the U.S. to come home; things are grim here in the job market, so he’ll stay there a while. Good Luck. You will reach a decision that works for you. ☺ Van

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    1. Thank you for sharing that! It’s certainly looking bleak in terms of back home (I hear it’s much the same in the UK and the USA) further study is a decent option, at least it’s a productive use of time while we hope the job market picks up! What a quandary! Keep the faith as always 🙂 thanks again!

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