Episode 5: New Glasses | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast

The boys get into a heated argument regarding John’s new glasses. Jonny feels they have made him suddenly feel he is far superior and that as a result he is being unbearably patronising…John thinks he just doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to comprehend his own thoughts. Fun but ridiculous…ish. 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame is yourContinue reading “Episode 5: New Glasses | 15 Minutes(ish) of Blame | Comedy Podcast”

Glasses Half-Full

I wish that I suited glasses…I am jealous of people who look distinguished, and interesting with a nice pair of specs – so to combat this I permanently live under the illusion that I have just not found the right pair…so still I search, and search…hoping to one day find what I am looking for. Continue reading “Glasses Half-Full”