Glasses Half-Full

I wish that I suited glasses…I am jealous of people who look distinguished, and interesting with a nice pair of specs – so to combat this I permanently live under the illusion that I have just not found the right pair…so still I search, and search…hoping to one day find what I am looking for. 

Today’s search was unsuccessful (again!) 


And for some reason it got me kicked out of the opticians…how rude! Pfft!

43 Replies to “Glasses Half-Full”

  1. Oh my goodness, I sure can relate to your ongoing problem. Have you tried the eye ware that you can’t see the frames? The lenses are attached to the ear arms, or whatever that part is called. I bet you would look dapper in a pair of those, because I think it’s the bulky frames turning you off. Good luck and I expect a follow up blog from you…hehehe 🙂

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  2. John….. Can I ask if you need glasses, or just wanna rock some statement ones? 🙂 My little sis is holding off until she finds the perfect ones, whilst sacrificing being able to see properly! From across the road she asked me.. ‘Can you see my face properly?’ Ah the vanities of slightly (8yrs) younger than me youth… She does think she looks like the Bo Selecta bear in some pairs though which wouldn’t be so good I imagine!


  3. I have the exact same issue; and in the nicest way possible, I am quite pleased that I am not alone on this!
    I have just order about 10 pairs of Chanel frames into another store to try and hopefully I will find a suitable match.

    Giggle, Cam xo


  4. Love the faces – particularly bottom left! 🙂 If you are serious about glasses, I suggest a smaller frame, and, since you are so fair, a pale colour – just the top coloured would be good.
    I’ve been wearing glasses since I was five 😦 And no matter what they assure you when you are choosing a new frame, your glasses always look rubbish when fitted with a prescription lens like the bottom of a coke bottle! – which is why I also have contact lenses – to actually leave the house in 🙂


  5. You are jealous of people who can’t see without windows on their eyes? As a glass wearer I don’t get it, unless you’re jealous of my ability to see ugliness in nothing, seriously everything is beautiful to me because I don’t judge. Blobs that is.


      1. Well you can always just wear frames without any lenses in them, I hear they’re all the rage now, that way when someone pokes you in the eye to check, they’re going to be so guilty they won’t even notice that your face doesn’t suit them. In fact, they’re going to be bending over backwards to say otherwise and voila – problem solved … well, erm at least in my head. Which doesn’t say much 😉


  6. In all honesty, I’ve worn glasses for 6+ years. They f*ckin suck. When it rains? Count on them looking like a windshield of a car with shitty wipers. I mean, yeah the look nice on some people. And some people look super smart wearing them. But your best bet would be to go for contacts. You’ll thank me later. Since you still HAVE to get glasses for those times you take out your contacts, I suggest rectangular shape, something with a thin or slightly thicker frame…but not goggle thick. Happy hunting!


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