Future K-pop Superstars!

You’ve either got it or you don’t! Simple as that!

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12 Replies to “Future K-pop Superstars!”

  1. John, your kids are jut amazing! Future Psy of Gangnam style in the making…you are amongst future stars and your discovered them 😀
    Perhaps you can be their manager instead of feeling sad at being just a spectator 😉


  2. Oh, I got it alright. I think. Hang on… what was IT again? Whatever it is, count me in if it’s something cool like new shoes or beef jerky. Or out if it’s something gross or communicable.


  3. That is definitely a False Statement and actually sounds like a Parrot is around when I hear it. Some People have it and never have a chance to Shine! I believe the other Parrot that says ” It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know”, Or “Timing is Everything”


  4. Those kids would kill it in my Hip Hop class and steal everybody’s hearts at the same time. (I think I am officially jealous of primary school kids)


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