Smelly Feet

The kids have started doing something really, really weird – okay so weirdness isn’t exactly a shock to me anymore…but you know what I mean!

They’ve taken to crouching on all fours, and shoving their nostrils above people’s feet to get a good sniff. Anyone without shoes on is a target for them…I guess it’s a phase they are going through, I’m not sure. But it was only a matter of time before they got me –

(A child crouches down and starts to sniff the ground like a dog whilst making her way slowly to me…I try to edge away…but another one joins in…)

Child #1: Urghhhhhhhh! So smelly!

Smelly GIF

Me: Nooo! What, really? Are they?

Child #2: No don’t worry teacher, your feet are not smelly.

Me: Oh, thanks a lot!

Child #2: It’s your shoes that are smelly, not your feet.

Me: Wow. Thanks.


But if I did…it would be from standing all day…or running about all day…or jumping around so much that I look like Jim Carrey would on ecstasy…

But I don’t. So it’s okay…

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34 Replies to “Smelly Feet”

  1. You probably do have smelly feet! Well, smelly to them as they won’t smell like anything they normally smell. Yeah, that’s convoluted comment you’re getting.

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  2. John, your stories are so hilarious, I enjoy every one of them, but I have to ask….do you maintain any discipline at all in your classes? 🙂


    1. haha, actually thankfully there’s a balance, I prefer to have fun and be crazy (or I get bored myself) but if they are just being stupid and doing no work I draw the line ~ it’s always a bit of a shock when this happens of course hahaha!


  3. Funny! Lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the like. You definitely see things differently with your quirky sense of humor. Very refreshing! Will follow.


  4. At least your getting back at the kids by having smelly feet, if I had to endure a kid writing about killing people, constant questions, I´d probably put my feet dog dodoo, that would be my revenge. So good for you for having smelly feet…..kidding. I was thinking that teachers should make a union just for the physical and mental harassment you endure. I go crazy with kids, or they drive me crazy better said. I can be fun and play around with a 4 year old kid up until 3 hours max. Then I get suicidal thoughts.

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    1. Man Charly, I know the feeling man – I am totally burnt out, taking a break now for two months straight…I am not going crazy, I have straight turned crazy…and it is ALL their fault.

      I’m going to make that union, we need that for sure!


  5. the thing about smelly feet is that it’s natural so who’s care?! we do need to wash them but they will always be smelly once again (and very quickly !)


  6. I’m new to your blog and just stopped by today. This title was catchy and it was funny. We all get smelly feet sometimes especially, when we are in the same shoes all day. HAHA! I will be reading more. So, you should definitely check out my blog and I will continue to read yours. Don’t be a stranger. ! 🙂


  7. My husband is also a teacher – perhaps he has had a similar experience for he has begun putting deodorant on his feet every day! Thanks for visiting my blog – will look for more of your posts!


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