Pisa Kung-fu Academy!

I was beyond excited to finally be heading to the capital of amateur kung-fu, the unrivalled Mecca when it comes to untrained martial arts enthusiasts! I’m talking of course, about the Leaning tower of Pisa! When I first made my way through the winding streets leading up to it, I could sense the anticipation, the raw atmosphere…the energy that surged through this place.

As the tower came into view I began to see the other contestants, some were warming up, some were going through their routines – honing their abilities to the highest possible level. Their trainers photographed their every move (probably so they could review them later and work on form), and constantly coached them, pushing them on…

Pisa 3


Sometimes there was the tough love approach –


Pisa 2

Either way it was a joy to see; people so dedicated to the craft that they had travelled far and wide, just to train here like so many budding martial artists before them.

I have to admit though, I was a little peeved at the response I received from people when I asked a simple question. I was met with dumb stares and confused expressions when I inquired if the Sensei lives at the top of the tower, and if that’s why they were all queuing…a simple yes or no would have sufficed.

But never mind. I headed back to the training field and tried to not let it bother me so much.

Pisa 1

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26 Replies to “Pisa Kung-fu Academy!”

  1. Ha ha ha ha I have photos like that. We were beside ourselves watching people because the only way it looks right is if you are behind the camera…..ooooo enjoy Italy have a glass of red for me.


  2. Hi John! Thanks for liking my new post. I’m a new blogger so it means more than you probably realise. I’m still trying to get the hang of it all. How would you sum up your blog in one sentence and why did you start blogging?


    1. Hi Nancy! New(ish) blogger myself actually – just a few months in! I hope you keep posting! Errrr, good question! I suppose I would say that Storytime with John is just a collection of comedic tales from around the world that show how fun the world can be! I started blogging just to get a feel for how my writing may be received, and to just get my stories out there! So far so good 😀


  3. Hahaha!! Yeah! And I was also one of these Kung Fu fighters too about 2 years ago! Our tour guide threw a contest on who gets to lean best the Leaning Tower of Pisa! You can imagine how many acrobatic stunts we all had to do to get the best shot. Looks really silly but it was so much fun! 🙂 nice post!


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