About ME.

Many thanks to Andy Lawson and Susanne Leist who have both nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog” award – I appreciate it! Usually I don’t go for these things, but I feel this will be a good way for my readers to get to know me a little bit better…anyway…here are seven little facts about, well…me!

1. My full name is John Lee Bartholomew Taggart. I am just going to go ahead and assume that the ‘Bartholomew’ bit is leaping out at you as unusual…rather than say, the ‘Lee’ bit. Well yeah, I thought it would be amusing to pick that name when offered the chance during the Roman Catholic “confirmation” ceremony as a thirteen year old. Perhaps I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have, but I certainly stand by my decision.

Bart Simpson GIF

2. Despite being raised a Catholic I am not sure what I would call myself these days, possibly Jedi if I was being a little jokey, Wizard if I was being serious – I guess cynicism and doubt has creeped into my mind, which has pushed out things like religion and spirituality to some extent, or so it seems. I think this is a bit of a shame, but that’s just how it is.

N.B. If Jesus or anyone wants to come visit me, then my door is always open though. Or an angel…to like, tell me everyone has it wrong and I need to set up my own church – either way, I am totally and completely down. Drop by, or send me an email.

Jesus GIF

3. I am one of five children – which basically means at some point in time we have all worn the same clothes – big families are just all about that hand-me-down life, that’s just how it is! Unless the clothing item is torn into shreds by some unavoidable bush, SOMEONE is wearing it. Think the Weasley family from Harry Potter, but a little less magic…oh, and yeah, not fictional.

Weasley GIF

4. I am an ex-red head. That is to say as a young child I had bright ginger hair which somehow vanished as time went on…there are only a few photos which can prove this…but it is the truth! These days I am lumbered with all of the same inconveniences a red haired person may encounter – such as pale skin and a hatred of the sun, but none of the positive things – namely interesting hair. Instead I have mousey coloured hair…or dirty blonde…basically things that sound a little sewagey…that is the description my hair gets these days. Great.

Ginger GIF

5. I don’t make a regular habit of buying lottery tickets – simply because every single time (I have on perhaps three occasions) I truly and wholeheartedly believe I am going to win…like really, I honestly think that this is it, that any money woes are a thing of the past, and that by the end of the week I will be a multi-millionaire. I pick out houses, cars, fountains…I get in touch with statue designers and artists so that once the money comes through they can get to work on crafting out images of me that will be placed pride of place in my mansion for generations to come.

Then I sit down on the evening and find that none – not one of the numbers, has came through for me. I tend to enter a massive sulk for at least a week which totally consumes my whole life. Not worth the upheaval, not in the slightest.

Rich GIF

6. I am somewhat of an over-thinker…actually the single biggest reason I try and go for every opportunity (whether it be travel or anything else) is largely because of some weird notion that it could pave the way to an even bigger opportunity that in retrospect I would have been a fool to miss out on. I always think of myself as a decrepit old man sitting in a rocking chair, slowly shitting myself to death, thinking of what would have happened if I…anyway, that is usually enough for me to think – “RIGHT JUST GO FOR IT!”

Old man GIF

7. Oh, and last but definitely not least – I absolutely fucking love cheese.

Cheese GIF

Here are 15 bloggers you should definitely check out, they are some of my faves anyway:

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Oh, and here are the original links from Andy and Susanne:



Thanks again guys!

129 Replies to “About ME.”

  1. Thank for stopping by my blog an liking one of my posts, it brought me to yours. So far I’ve read two posts, and you’ve made me chuckle already. I have a funny feeling that after a few more reads, you’ll have a follower in me 😉


  2. Your existence brings me joy. Also, yeah, you do look a bit like Jeremy Renner. I actually first thought your picture was merely one of him, taken off the web…Not that anyone would ever take random Hollywood photos of people and pretend to be one of them…
    Anyway, thanks for liking my post.


      1. Oh it’s totally a compliment, and it might be your eyes. Or the air of confidence which a man in a fine suit exudes. Or one person just said it and the rest of us are followers.


  3. So, I love that on you gravatar page it says you’re a precious little sausage… that’s great. Also your writing is so fun! Great read, read loads on my lunch break today! Thanks for making selling tents and boots a little more fun!


  4. Hello John!! You are a very funny guy!! I think you are also very intelligent and upbeat. You have a wonderful outlook and that, to me is one the the most important things to have. I admire your sense of adventure – never stop. The power of laughter is unlimited. Thank you for being completely yourself.


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