Just a quick one to keep you guys updated!

I am finally, finally, finally returning to Korea! After a long wait, employment fall-outs, and various visa complications (that I won’t go into or I will give myself high blood pressure) I am set to travel back to my adopted home tomorrow morning! There were times when I thought the day would never come!

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But if you think it is all fun and games, then think again…I mean, just have a look at my flight schedule below. It’s as if Satan himself designed it. This is what happens when you don’t book flights yourself I guess…perhaps it’s a test…I think just like most of my Maths exams at school, I will fail. I looked around in the medicine section of the supermarket today, hoping there were some powerful pills that would just knock me out so I could sleep through the whole thing…you know something named likeΒ EXTRA STRENGTH NITRO SNOOZEΒ or something…I dunno…but I couldn’t see anything of the sort, it was all herbal slumber and blah blah blah…I am thinking I will just make friends with the passenger next to me in each of the flights and ask him/her to bonk me on the head with a fire extinguisher or something.



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Wish me luck…I NEED IT!

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73 thoughts on “ROTK

  1. Lucky YOU – Going back to your adopted home. That’s the way I feel every time I return to USA from any
    trip overseas. This is my adopted country. Hey, hey, hey. You can make some awesome friends on a long
    trip as that. It’s in the journey that one grows – so keep your eyes open – hold on to all the experiences and
    journal, journal, at the moment. Bon Voyage!!!!


    1. It’s a weird feeling right? But a good one! You leave so much in a place and don’t really realize at first and then your heart starts pulling you back! Hmm…anyway don’t get me started! πŸ˜€ I’ll be rambling all night otherwise!

      I agree about making awesome friends on route, I mean, why not? πŸ˜€


      1. Haha worth a try. If this helps, the times marked on your itinerary are local time. So, the time you leave for Amsterdam is your time, whereas the time you leave via China airlines is their local time and so on.


      1. teleporters would be an excellent thing. Then we could get rid of all the cars on the road, and actually have room and time to think.

        Not to mention the extra minutes in our days to get stuff done.


  2. Looks as if you will have TIME in-between flights to update us on your travels! And good you are not in the BACK of the plane near the toilets! Look forward to hearing about your experiences getting to South Korea. Earplugs would help! Have a safe flights!


  3. That is so awesome! WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK IN KOREA and with that airplane schedule!!! And now I wonder if you enjoy their dramas. Lol. I totally have to visit Asia one day! Until then I will have to pick up a language. :D!


  4. I think you need a Harry Potter Time-Turner…..OMG, that looks like a horrendous trip! But please….bring me some of these EXTRA STRENGTH NITRO SNOOZE….I need them!


  5. Oooof. You really do need luck. I can’t fly unless someone knocks me out and carries me onto the plane, and then carries me off again before I wake up.
    Oh- and doesn’t tell me anything about what happened.
    What? That’s totally plausible.


  6. Have a safe trip.
    At least my trip to NZ was one plane (left 9pm 31/8, arrived 9am 2/9) with an hour and a half stop in Hong Kong, total journey time 23 hours going (allow for time difference), 25 coming back via HK again rather than the US (left midnight 28/10 arrived 2pm 29/10).
    Enjoyed every minute of the flight as I had my own entertainment station, a proper bed and fantastic food (blew part of my pension nest egg on a first class ticket)


  7. So happy for you that you are going back ‘home’. No sympathy from me as far as the flying is concerned. I just love flying! One of my favorite trips was flying from Cape Town, South Africa to Mobile, Alabama – my itinerary was pages long! I love reading and people watching and having my meals served to me knowing that I don’t have to wash the dishes afterwards! Have fun and good luck.


  8. bon voyage!! oh, i guess the ship er plane has already flown. i hate flying anymore. i think the last time i was on a plane was in 2007. l.a. to chicago and back. it was quite enough, thank you. congrats on the new gig. good luck and god speed.


  9. You are so lucky to have a home away from home.Enjoy your flight and hopefully whoever bonks your head with the extinguisher will not hit you so hard to put you into eternal sleep.All the best.


  10. Don’t worry about the flights just take it all in! It will probably make all the visa issues worth it and you won’t even remember them after it all! Your such a good writer and I hope you’ll post about your travels! Don’t get lost x


      1. Oh stick with it! I’m only five months in, but it has been a progressive thing! I hate how late I am to replying most of the time with me traveling about!

        Oooohh Australia to anyway is a killer I bet! I have New Zealand in my sight…hmm…will someday!


      2. Well if your going to get to New Zealand then you might as well pop across! It’s worth a visit I must say.. Yeah I’m about a month in it’s just hard because my blog is quite vulnerable and personal but I really want it heard so when I feel like it isn’t it makes it tricky but ahh well! You were super quick with that reply so going strong haha


      3. Oh okay! Well it’s nice to think of it as a community, so try and interact with blogs that match your interests or hit on certain issues that you may address on your site. Also try and ask questions, possibly even rhetorical ones that can spark conversation.


  11. Lucky duck! I hope your return is everything you are hoping for πŸ™‚ ROTK could stand for Roundaboutly Off To Korea? Good luck finding some nuclear strength knockout lollies! πŸ™‚


  12. En route to Korea…..bit of a hassle it seems but youΒ΄re almost there.

    That first picture of the guy with the hat all dressed up with all the other people dressed up…..That is sooooooo English style. Gotta love the Brits.


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