The Monkey King

Well guys I made it safely to Korea, after what was an utterly agonizingly long journey (27 hours – more thanks to delays? It sounds even worse when I write it out and say it back to myself!)...but anyway, as always on long haul flights you find yourself watching things just to pass the time, often it is a great thing as you catch films that passed you by at the time but you had sort of wanted to see…however after the first few films you still find yourself sat there, with a suddenly narrower and less enticing set of options – after all, I couldn’t write anymore, as the Thai lady next to me had spilled orange juice all over my my notebook – I said it was fine, it obviously wasn’t fine, but I had to keep things friendly between us if we were to endure this 17 hour nightmare.

Fake tear GIF

I had exhausted the “NEW RELEASES” category, so decided to dig around in the “INTERNATIONAL” category…possibly there would be some French art-house films, or a strange Scandinavian flick that may pique my interest. This was not to be – not when I say The Monkey King offered up as the best film going. I read the short description on what it was about, and was instantly hooked! Something about a monkey who becomes a king…or something…I guess the clue is in the name, but I just wanted confirmation of this. Without hesitation I hit that play button – the Thai lady looked up from her crossword, I could tell she was thinking “nice choice my friend, nice choice!” but we had that special kind of friendship where you don’t really have to say anything…the love is clear, without the need for stupid and pointless words. I nodded in confirmation and popped on my headphones.


So the film begins with an explanation that there are three powerful entities that exist in the world; the deity, the demon, and heaven. Unfortunately the demon part of the equation is a total dick, and for no reason whatsoever is attacking the deity in heaven – he’s proper wrecking all of the lovely architecture and decor they have going on up there – and it is totally pissing off the deity crew. The demon has a big fire whip or something like that, no sword…errr…anyway, doesn’t really matter as the deity turns into a massive dragon and brays him all over the place – he is about to make the killing blow which would effectively make everything right in the universe, literally forever, but this girl stops him and says he will never do it again. The deity is blatantly a moron, and despite the fact he has lived forever has not learned that demons are probably prone to lying. Oh well.

After the fight we have a little look around, and everyone is a little disheartened that they will all have to do so much DIY to fix up heaven – it looks like utter shit and people are worried it will be an expensive job. To save time a beautiful lady called Nuwa sacrifices herself, by spinning around and turning herself into magical crystals which means that no one has to do anything at all, as heaven is magically fixed up – good times – one of the stones drops down from heaven though, and lands in a jungle…we then see a quick scene that shows the crystal has an embryo thing in it which then turns into a monkey. It was then that I assumed this was the monkey king  we would be dealing with throughout this…how long is this…two hours, Jesus Christ. Anyway, then in a rather sweet scene a small white fox comes up to the crystal and looks at the monkey, the hold out their hands…almost touching…then…they touch, and BOOOOOM – out of nowhere the paw burns up in flames and goes shooting up to heaven without much explanation, and then turns into three wise messengers who tell this beardy guy he has to train this monkey as he may be something special in future fights against the demon population.

So the beardy guy comes down and sees the monkey in question, playing around with his monkey pals – one of which who has a massive penis for a nose, which honestly I feel needs to be talked about because I just don’t understand what was going on there whatsoever. Anyway, the monkey accidentally kills a butterfly, and starts to cry about it – but beardy heals it and is promptly told he is awesome (this was the literal translation!) Naturally after this they are the best of buds, so they go flying off someplace in the clouds on a giant seagull.

Tired GIF

If any of this makes sense you are an absolute trooper. 

Alright, so meanwhile a woman with a candle for a face has a scroll which she is showing the demon guy. It basically says something about the Monkey King being a hell of a guy, ooooh I am leaving that unintentional pun in! Ahem…so yeah, it says he’s great. All of the demon guy’s pals are a little skeptical, a rhino scratches his chin, as a huge bear nods but doesn’t seem convinced and then this huge guy who looks like that dude from The Goonies speaks up and is promptly thrown in a lava pool. Short cameo for him, but worth it I feel.

When it comes to the Monkey Kings training it is an absolute doddle, he doesn’t really take it seriously but picks up  the 72 transformations quickly due to sheer natural talent. Everyone in the class is divided on their opinion of him, some people think he is a complete and utter asshole, whilst others thing he is just a bit of an asshole but largely fun to be around. Personally I wanted to cut my own throat due to how annoying I found the monkey impressions the actor was doing…lots of hehe-hoawww! haha-whooo! he-huh-he! Oh fuck off please. But I am one of those people who stick with films hoping they will just suddenly burst into life…usually this doesn’t happen, but I stick by my methods.

The Monkey King is shown the eye of Sauron by the beardy guy, which I am sure is a copyright violation, but no one seemed to mind. It is explained that it is fire, lightning, and a tonne of other terrible ways the Monkey King will die…but hey, if he survives them he gets to live forever. Not exactly a fair deal, so the Monkey King is shitting is pants. Beardy guy is all, “you’ll be okay”ish about it…but doesn’t offer much in the way of constructive help. Just flicks his beard around and says a big speech about immortality which just makes no sense. Lost in translation maybe…hey, speaking of which I am going to watch Lost in Translation after this…yeah…yeah I think I will…just…an hour and…err…loads to go…fuck.

So back in the Monkey Jungle all of the monkeys are really excited to have their best mate back around, they give him the catchy nickname of The Handsome Monkey King which he is naturally pleased with. However after the honeymoon period is over, penis nose is all “what about when you are not here? What do we do then? Go get some weapons and then we can fuck up people who wander into our bit of jungle!” 

Exhausted GIF

So the Monkey King dives into a magical pool to look, he is attacked by a giant fish which he kills and then brags about it to this fat mustache man who appears to be the emperor of the pool. Worst luck the fish was his bodyguard! Doh! Who would have thought it?! Eeee…well…anyway, they try to kill the Monkey King but he proves to be tricky, as he traps them in a giant bubble and then…errr, it all gets weird, I can’t remember – they give him some weapons and then –


After the announcement my screen went dead…and went back to a raw loading screen…I had to get the lady to come help me with it – “NO WATCHING FOR TWENTY MINUTES, OK?”

Lost GIF

There is a God I guess. Let me just say, Lost in Translation is a great film…my Mother hasn’t stopped mentioning it since the first time I visited Asia…so I just nodded along although I hadn’t watched it myself…but yeah, great. I am sure it has nothing to do with the standard of the film I half-watched before it…no, no…not at all.

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48 Replies to “The Monkey King”

      1. I think I saw it all in your review. I almost came to tears just reading what you were able to write about it.

        In all honesty, I didn’t think they allowed “C” rated movies to get into a public forum any more. Even “B” movies have trouble making it there.


      2. I will have to investigate this then. But, I’m still content to let your review stand on its own… or is that flop on its own?

        Thanks for tipping me off to a new story to investigate. I love finding new mythologies.


  1. Haha, that actually sounds amazing! What airline were you flying with? I’m going to keep any eye out for it.

    I can sympathise with your long journey. I had a 12 hour delay in Heathrow (plus the 2 hours I arrived for check in) followed by a 13 hour flight to Malaysia. I wasn’t a happy bunny that’s for sure.


  2. Drat! You ruined the plot for me. I was DYING to see that film, lol! Also boo to your seat mate for spilling OJ on your journal. You handled it much better than I would’ve (A.K.A crying the whole flight through).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t make it through the whole Monkey King thing but as far as 27 hour flights go, whenever you are on a really long flight just imagine being on there with four small children that you’re in charge of. Like your students or something. It’s it just changes everything.


  4. Could your phallically endowed monkey have been a proboscis monkey? Poor things. Sounds like a great film. I’d probably like it better than Lost in Translation actually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha, I have been told that is what it will have been…I wouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but that penis proboscis dude annoyed me! Naaaah it was my first time seeing it, I thought it was okay! Very relatable with my time in Asia for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Complete sense.

    I once had to get to Sydney on two days notice. Nothing direct was available. My itinerary was Seattle-San Francisco-Seoul-Bejing-Singapore-Sydney. The return was nearly as horrendous. The one-way elapsed time for that sojourn eclipsed your agony. Never again. In-flight movies these days are on par with airline food. In the end, you arrived. And all is good. Yes?


      1. I understand you. You really had a very long trip! When I fly to LA (OK, I fly with SWISS, which is very comfortable even in economy class) I see the following 12 hours as a time of doing what I want regarding relaxation… reading, watching a movie, listening to music, sleeping (of course eating 😉 I really enjoy it. Also I book my seat at the corridor in advance…. But now you have arrived and can enjoy what you love so much!


  6. Thanks for the heads up on this movie. I have wasted two hours of my life watching similar crap but you have prevented this happening with the “Monkey King”. By the way the monkey with the penis nose I believe is called a Proboscis Monkey, but I know what you mean. Cheers

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  7. I understand your trying to be polite because you had to spend time with someone on a 17 hour flight. but orange juice on your notebook!!!!!!! You were a good sport! Thank you for the reviews. I liked “Lost In Translation” but I like anything Sophia Coppola does. I liked her movie about Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst, but they probably would not show that on an airplane!


  8. I’ve seen that movie. It is indeed awesome. I’ve read the book too. I’m glad you arrived at your destination safely if even in longevity. It reminds of that meme about the turtle. It says “lives forever. Point taken.” It’s just a picture of one of those really old turtles. 🙂


  9. I had my Pandora station on and midway through reading, a Lost in Translation soundtrack song came on. Then I read, “I am going to go watch Lost in Translation”. 😀
    Once the only movie on the flight I took was “The Medallion” with Jackie Chan, (no offense to the fans) but this sounds much, much worse! I’m glad you arrived safe. 🙂


  10. I love the picture of the dude with the remote. I have felt this way before on some of the foreign, well and some American, movies. I just sit there, totally intending to change the channel, but just keep hoping something will make sense. I watched a trailer the other day of a Asian film, and I so know they got the translation wrong. It was actually funny! Lost in Translation is a great film, love Bill Murray.
    I am glad you got there safe.

    Peace & Love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Rene,

      I spotted that one and just though, YES! It summed up the feeling so much…just tedious, tedious viewing! I love bad translations, they always get a laugh out of me!

      Lost in Translation was LOVELY! Lots of the situations he gets in were kind of relatable for me as a foreigner in strange parts of the world (strange to me of course) so I really got a kick out of it – Bill Murray was perfect for the role.

      Thanks for your kind words, all is well here!

      Take care! 😀

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  11. It got weird after he killed the fish bodyguard? then you were saved. I also have the terrible affliction of sticking with a terrible film. It’s so bad yet i can’t look away. Great post BTW


    1. Oh, it was weird from the get-go, hahaha! I am glad it isn’t just me, I feel like I have wasted time if I just stop it altogether…but end up wasting more, urgh – it’s a CURSE!

      Glad you enjoyed it, speak soon! 😀


  12. Oh, I loved the long-haul flights I would take, back when I worked in Singapore, because there is something wonderful and strange about going onto a plane and possibly never getting off again. Of course, the time the in-flight movie was The Terminal I thought that was a bit much.


  13. Once I was given a comic book from India because the student was from India and he knew I collected comic books. It was about Hanuman, the Monkey God. Maybe not as cool as your Monkey King, if that is possible in the ironic sense, but he also relied on being really clever and tricksy. Of course, he was a god and could get help from his pal Krishna, a very special sort of bright blue guy. It had been translated into English with all the energy and lack of skill that you would imagine from Indian Western-wannabees. I laughed at it, because I always find things funny. I laugh at barbed wire! But it was really kinda dorky and didn’t tickle my funny bone as much as this story did. Good job! You should rewrite the Monkey King and make it a humor classic.


  14. Okay. I am ROFL-ing proper here.
    With just reading 6 posts I have fallen totally in love with you and your writing. Like my Gawd, penis for a nose. So funny. Thank you for making today worthwhile.


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