Extreme Makeover

Those who have even vaguely read any of my stories, will probably pick up that I am somewhat self-conscious when it comes to my looks…well, I guess most of us are. 

That’s why I nominated myself for an Extreme Makeover. 

This is me before the makeover! I was pretty excited!

Collage Face

And, this is me after my makeover – I really like my new look, what do you think?

Collage Face 2



69 Replies to “Extreme Makeover”

      1. Masks the come from korea and hina are the beat. They have thing lisle snail slime (pretty much poop) and others with esseance of gold. They look super villionius.. This this is what bad huys fighting bond wpuld wear


  1. Haha I love that you can find the humor in life!
    A lot of the time we are so critical on ourselves about things that no one else
    would notice.
    Btw don’t worry you are very handsome John 😄


    1. Aww thanks Lauren! 🙂

      That’s very true, I know everyone has their hang-ups, or whatever you want to label them. Naturally I’d rather joke about them, than I don’t know…sit in a corner crying.

      Not that I haven’t done that…but still!

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  2. From drab to fab hahahaha though both sets are not the real you 🙂 I just also think that the squinting you was cute. Though you liked like the X-Files tapeworm man a bit in some of those pictures as scifihammy said a mummified thing LOL


  3. You got me freaking out!! Those first pics make you look like an extra in a horror movie. Or this really ugly girl that I used to go to school with. Don’t judge me! Puberty doesn’t play any games with people.

    Fortunately it is something most of us leave behind. Most of us.


  4. Thanking you kindly for the laughs. This grocery store mask would be so cool for Halloween, I hope you saved some for next year. But, honestly you are a cutie and should not worry about your looks. Love your sense of humor, you will live a long and happy life John. Take care and happy blogging to ya…:)


  5. You rock my friend! Thanks for the never-ending laughs. No obsessing on the looks. You’re a stud and I’m jealous of the hair! I don’t care if that sounded gay or not. LOL I’d tell my wife but she’s just laugh and say yup…..sounded gay and so be it. 🙂 Really enjoying your blog. You’re on mine for top favorites! Rock on!



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