DRUNK Snorlax!

My second YouTube video…this is my first real story, story…so I hope you enjoy it!  Hopefully it’s funny – I mean, I never really know until I get people’s reaction! 

On an unrelated note, thank you for everyone’s kind words regarding last week’s unfortunate situation – I wanted to bring it back to the fun times, rather than focus on the negatives. Take care, love from me as always!


29 Replies to “DRUNK Snorlax!”

  1. If you are going to do stand up comedy you need more props and stand up. The accent is great an asset to comic about. The faces with accent could go far.


  2. I loved this one even more than the last one!! So much more of your personality came out in this video. Your writing style and verbal story telling style are pretty much identical; except when you are telling stories we got the added bonus of facial expression and your tone of voice, it’s great!
    And I know this is starting to sound like mindless praise and agreement. So if I could have one critical comment, it would be that sometimes you speak softly and it can be just a tad difficult to hear what you’re saying. But it wasn’t that bad and through most of the video I was laughing and enjoying listening to you!
    Keep it up, this is going somewhere 🙂


    1. I’m happy you enjoyed it 😀 I know I wasn’t like shouting, there was a lot of activity from neighbours so I was trying to be low key,haha. Shouldn’t have cared I suppose but it was a Sunday, next time I am gonna shout from the roooooftops!

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  3. Your videos are AWESOME!!! I havent laughed this hard in such a long time. I love the highly animated stories you tell (hand gestures and all)…and by the way, from one coffee drinker to another, you can never drink too much coffee! (Although I’ve been warned before that drinking hot liquids through a straw is not good for you, even though I still do so with my coffee.)

    Thanks for the laughs!!


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