Kids are Liars! (And So Are YOU!)

We are all liars, basically. But when do we start lying? I can actually remember my first big lie – and I relive that memory in the video…it involves a rather unfortunate event featuring a pebble, and err…my nostril. It was the worst. 

I know I’m biased and all, but I think this is one of the funniest yet! Hope you enjoy it! 

So come on – confess! The comments can be our therapy.

24 Replies to “Kids are Liars! (And So Are YOU!)”

  1. Bwahahahahahahaha. You were a very normal child, from the sounds of it. My first big lie was when I was in Grade Two, so about six or sevens years of age. We were on a class excursion, and I ‘owned’ every animal we saw on the entire ride. What amazes me is that the kids all around me were all convinced I had this huge farm with all these magnificent dogs, horses and cows. It’s no wonder I grew up to be a writer.

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  2. Oh, well! I guess every child pushed something up its nose once. At least so did I. But furtunately it wasn’t that much up. When my dad said I shall blow my nose it came out after a few tries. But it really was scary. When I lied first? John, I am almost 45. There were so many occasions when I was a kid. I really don’t remember…😃


  3. I was about eight, and me and my sister were playing a card game that was going on FOREVER! So I decided to cheat and just finish the game already………but she saw me cheat, got mad and told mom. I insisted that I didn’t and so the clever solution of my mother? Have us sit on the couch, not doing anything, until the liar caved. And although my sister begged me to confess, I remained stoic and cold. She ended up confessing just to get out of it and I never got caught! haha!
    Games where you have to lie to win are games that I win SO fast–one day I’ll have to tell you about the infamous time I played Mafia with some friends, it was pretty intense!
    Loved this story by the way 🙂


    1. Wow, I’m strangely impressed…that’s cold Melanie, so cold! haha! 😀 you just reminded me of a similar situation I had as a kid, I wasn’t allowed to go for lunch unless I confessed – to the thing I didn’t do…obviously I did eventually because I wanted to EAT! Maybe I’ll write a story about it. haha!

      Note to self don’t play games where you have to lie with Melanie…I will most definitely lose 😉


  4. When i was about 5 or 6 I was explicitly told NOT to climb on a neighbour’s wall. My parents were wise enough to know I was a klutz and therefore guaranteed to fall off.
    Did I listen? Did I heck! Did I fall off? Absolutely! And I managed to graze my entire inside thigh somewhat spectacularly. So, rather than fess up, I limped home and cleaned myself up. And despite the weeping bloodstain and my inability to walk like anyone other than John Wayne whilst wincing, I still denied I’d been anywhere near that bloody wall or even that I was hurt.
    Fair to say I got rumbled pretty damn quickly!


  5. OMG! That happened to me…only it was a dried bean. My Dad’s cousin fished it out with tweezers. Fast forward 20 years. The cousin gets the microphone at my wedding and shares that story…left out the part that it was his kid the dared me. Double dog dared. I couldn’t back down!


  6. I remember my first lie. I was about four, and my mom had to step out of the room while she was doing some sewing. She told me she’d be back in a minute and to absolutely not touch the sewing machine. I waited one minute on the clock and decided she must be gone for good, so I might as well have some fun with the beautiful shiny machine. I stuck my finger under the needle and pushed the treadle (it was an old-fashioned treadle machine, not electric) thinking I might be able to move my finger faster than the needle, but of course I ended up getting a big blood-gushing groove along the side of my finger. My mom heard me wailing and rushed back in. “Did you touch the sewing machine?” she demanded. For some reason, I denied it, despite the needle-shaped evidence on my finger. I’d never lied before, and I felt so guilty about it I never did it again. I can’t lie to this day.


    1. Oh my! You know, that’s exactly it though – when you are presented with a situation like that (as a child in particular) it is like there is a strong external force that pushes you to do it! The red button effect, as I call it! 😉 haha! Mind I am the same about lie-lies, no good at it – so don’t even attempt it! Too much work I would imagine, having to keep track of your web of lies – no thank you! 😀


  7. 4 or 5. My uncle and a lady with long, flowing black hair took me out. They said, “Shh…don’t tell.” Confused, yet I nodded. It turned out to be a lie. When I got home I told my aunt everything she wanted to know. I think everything turned out all right, though. 😀


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