That’s everyone’s aim right…no? Oh, well perhaps not – but if it is your aim then maybe you would do well to watch this video – so that you can see how NOT to do it!  What we have here are Korean compensation scam artists caught in the act! What ensues is just all out ridiculousness…

Courtesy of The Korea Observer ~

26 Replies to “GET RICH QUICK!”

  1. Cheers for the heads up bro. Im going to recommend this method to a few down and out “friends” I have. You know, sort of let them know that the M6 is a veritable ‘money pot’ for this scam.


      1. Worth a pop then 😉 I wonder how long before mutters around the rest of the world are doing that! Scary stuff!!!! They should blog more! – far safer! 🙂 🙂 perhaps. 🙂


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