Video Requests/Storytime

Hi friends. I just want to try something, that could become a regular feature (if successful) – if people don’t dig it, or it just straight up doesn’t work then I’ll know it was a silly idea – but here it is…

Deep Breath GIF

…I’d like to start doing weekly or biweekly video requests – they would retain the Storytime format – but the stories themselves would come from you guys, that way the lovely community feel we have going here can continue!

So if you have a story, a situation, or something you want advice on…or even if you want my view on something in the news, or even an abstract rambling from the darkest part of your mind – I’m all for it!  Just send it over, I’ll read it and then make a video discussing/debating the issue…whether it’s serious or just for fun – sometimes it’s nice to get another person’s view.

Email me at – if you want it to be private then PLEASE SAY SO – otherwise I will assume I am being nice by linking your blog/putting your name out, when really I will be committing the worst of sins! Got it? 

Okay hit me with it, if I get interesting stories/discussion points then I may start this tomorrow…maybe it can be every Monday…hmmm…


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14 Replies to “Video Requests/Storytime”

    1. Hi Beth! Me too, clearly, haha! But I like hearing stories too ~ I’m thinking if people send their stories (any format) I’ll be able to retell it and discuss it with people/guve advice or views on it. That’s the plan.


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