The Morning

I have often struggled with the morning – it is such a dramatic time. You find yourself lying there in a toasty marshmallow, your comfort levels at a crazed inordinate level – just lounging with the cosy satisfaction that you are sleeping past your alarm…and you don’t even care…time strolls by, and thoughts circle around – illusory conversations; people telling you that you’re great, interviews with people you will likely never meet, groundbreaking specials featuring the one and only…you know, the usual…but then…


Alarm GIF

The alarm signals again – and it’s evil is similar to that of a debt collector…leaving you alone for just enough to get comfortable again, and then all of a sudden its back again, banging at your door – but this time with even more ferocity. This time maybe it’ll smash stuff up, and break your knee caps…or at least that’s what it seems like, because stepping out of this world of comfort into the frosty real world sounds just as bad. 

Every morning I really want to do an Office Space – that is just ignore the alarm quite literally, and just not care about the adult consequences. Just not turn up, and not care. But every morning I argue with myself…that is two sides of me battle it out in my brain. The lazy one, and the anxious psychopath who worries about everything  – they’re not the best team…they say opposites attract or whatever – but not in this case. 

It’s like I am in one of those three legged races, and they are strapped to each other…one is lifeless, and snoozing away, the other desperately berating, and beating the other – demanding they at least reach that finish line…but I can’t, I won’t…I don’t…

Fall GIF

“GET UP, GET UP, GET UPPPPPP!” I say aloud, somehow this gives it more power, more meaning…and I listen…

Every, single, morning. I’m toying with the idea of sleeping on a bed of nails – so that I want to get out once that alarm rings – but I bet I would still get comfortable somehow…


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28 Replies to “The Morning”

  1. The alarm is my arch enemy. I am NOT a morning person AT ALL. Seriously I have had to warn those I live with that I do not like to chat in the morning, I am pretty much quiet until I get my first tea or coffee. I do not connect the brain before I have at least brushed my teeth and got my hands on a hot caffeinated beverage 🙂

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  2. Couldn’t agree more mate. I am so sloooooow in the morning. It takes at least two cups of builders tea before i’m even coherent. Know exactly where you’re coming from. Have a nice afternoon


  3. I completely feel the same about mornings. It takes me a few hours to wake up, and I hate leaving my warm comfy bed behind in the morning. I’m most definitely not a morning person, my energy starts picking up in the afternoon and it’s great in the evening too.


  4. You just gave me an idea, I would make the alarm instead of going BEEP! It should talk, it should say
    “Good morning you good looking bloke, today is going to be a great day because you´re the king!”, and a sexy female voice has to say this. I´ll call it then “The friendly alarm”. Probably would have to go to the bathroom right after that and then more than ready for the day ahead. Well, going to start working on it now and see if I get some investors in it. I´ll keep you updated, you should invest though..


  5. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    To say I’m not a morning person is a serious understatement. My body seizes up and some mornings, I literally can’t move. Frozen and yet toasty warm, snuggly…asleep. Enjoy xx Rowena


  6. Love your descriptions, but can’t relate. Thinking I must have been a farmer in another life. Always up and moving before daybreak. It sucked during the college years; could not adapt to life/parties that started at 10 pm. ☺ Different strokes…for different folks…and so on and so on.


  7. You have my sympathy. How I love these days of retirement. The alarm rings at 5:00 am, but it is only a suggestion. I reach out and turn it off. I get up sometime later when I feel awake. Don’t despise retirement. There are many benefits. I’ve never yet been bored for a moment. (Of course, be glad for your days of employment. They make a happy retirement possible.) Blessings to you, John…


  8. Feel the same way when my alarm goes off (for the second time) but once I’m up and out of bed it’s all good. And when I get up really early I feel like I’ve done a whole morning’s worth of work before 8 am. Don’t hate me. 🙂


  9. Great post! I hate the morning… My mom used to smile and say, “Good Morning,” when I would wake up. I would give her a look… Now, if I go and visit her, she says, “Don’t talk to her in the morning.”

    I don’t even like to answer the phone in the morning… As I write this, I am still in bed…lol.


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